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Exclusive BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL Preview: Li's Big Reveal!

Romy Park, Naomi Matsuda

Howard Wise/

Li and Poppy’s bitter showdown continues next week — and Li winds up making a major revelation that sheds light on their long-standing feud.  “It’s not a nice family reunion at all,” sums Naomi Matsuda (Li). “Li had completely dropped her sister and her niece out of her life for a good reason.”

Even before Poppy was in the mix, Li was incensed that Luna had not left Forrester as Li had ordered her to do, convinced that her niece working there and spending time with Finn will spell disaster. “She was raised by Poppy, so Li thinks Luna is just like her mother,” explains Matsuda. “Luna was raised without a father, so Li’s sister has been the only influence in that girl’s life. So, instead of mother and daughter, they’re kind of more friends. I think Li is just so jaded from what happened in the past with her sister that she just won’t allow any of it to come back to her again, and especially not for her son Finn. I believe she will just make sure that her son is always taken care of at this point because of her history with her own family. But now they’re reappearing and that’s a big no for her.”

Fueling the animosity Li feels toward her sister after all of these years is Li’s belief that Poppy is still the same person she always was. “Li is the big older sister and had to protect her little sister and do things for her, but also watched her get away with things,” Matsuda notes. “We all know what happens with the youngest sibling in any family; they get spoiled and the oldest helps the mother take care of the siblings. I think that’s why Li knows too much about Penelope’s behavior, because she’s the older sister and very intelligent. She believes that Poppy is still that irresponsible person. That’s all she knows of her little sister  and Li is assuming that Luna is the same exact way. In Li’s eyes, her niece just represents Penelope. Luna and her mother are one.”

In a softer moment between the siblings, Poppy tries offering sympathy to Li over the fact that Jack cheated on her, but that even backfires. “Li doesn’t believe anything that comes out of Poppy’s mouth,” Matsuda affirms. “Li believes it’s just a manipulation to serve Poppy’s selfish needs. Li will not believe or trust anything about Poppy because of this betrayal that happened so many years ago, so anything that comes out of her mouth is a ploy. That’s all Li knows. Li helped her out and Poppy didn’t show any appreciation to her older sister who always took care of her. Poppy had always gotten everything she ever wanted because of her sister and their parents.”

However, Li does wind up making a confession to Poppy, and it’s a doozy. “They don’t really talk to each other so they don’t have real conversations,” Matsuda points out. “I think Penelope just wants to be in Li’s life, so she’s willing to say anything to soften Li up a bit. Li’s truth comes out because at the end of the day, she’s still a woman with feelings. Poppy is saying whatever she can to get Li to open up. This time, I believe Li is just so sick and tired of hearing the same thing over and over again that it gets to a point where she just kind of breaks and gives Poppy a partial reason, even though there’s a deeper reason, but it’s more than Li expected to say. I think the audience will see her as more of a human being, especially since she’s been on a rampage lately.”

However, don’t expect this moment of vulnerability and honesty to smooth things over between the sisters. “This is just the beginning,” teases Matsuda. “Li’s in pain, but she’s not going to give up. So anything that has to do with Finn, she will go to any lengths to protect him — and it doesn’t matter who you are.”

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