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Exclusive Bold And Beautiful Preview: Deacon And Sheila's Wedding Day Arrives!

sean kanan kimberlin brown

Howard Wise/

Happily Ever After? Deacon (Sean Kanan) has high hopes for his future as he prepares to make Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) his bride.

Deacon and Sheila’s big day is fast approaching on Bold and Beautiful, and the couple is making sure their wedding is extra special — starting with the choice of venue. “It was originally supposed to be at the beach, but then they changed it to Il Giardino because that’s the place where they fell in love. So it has very sentimental meaning to them,” explains Deacon’s portrayer, Sean Kanan. “Deacon has found what he feels is true love.”

Deacon has no doubts about marrying the town pariah, who is hated by the Forresters … and just about everyone else. “I don’t think he cares,” Kanan opines. “I mean, Deacon’s been a pariah before. There are a couple of people [whose opinion] Deacon cares about. Obviously Hope, and I think he does care about Brooke’s opinion as a friend. He’s always wanted her approval and to prove that he’s worthy of being with her, if not as a romantic partner, then as somebody who’s worth being a co-parent in their daughter’s life. Deacon doesn’t give a s— about what Ridge or Bill or anyone else thinks. Also, Deacon really believes that Sheila has turned a corner and has made some significant changes in her life. We’ll see if that proves to be true.” And just like what happened at Sheila’s memorial service, there isn’t a long guest list for the nuptials, either. Kanan chuckles, “It is a very, very, very select group of people.”

Deacon has also chosen a unique officiant — Tom, the homeless man he and Finn met while they were searching for Sheila. “First of all, Deacon is truly grateful to Tom because without him, Deacon and Finn would not have known to look in that abandoned building where Sheila was chained up,” Kanan points out. “I think another part of it is that Deacon is a guy who has turned his life around and has seen firsthand the power of redemption and second chances and he recognizes Tom as a guy in need of one. And there would be no wedding without Tom.”

Kanan feels that his character including Tom in the ceremony is about Deacon filling a void in his life. “Deacon is a guy who always wanted a family,” the actor notes. “He came from a terrible home life. We don’t know who his father or mother are, and he’s got a terrible stepfather. And I think that a lot of times, people who have that sort of experience, they seek other people to try and cobble together a family, and some of them do it very successfully. Deacon has Hope and Sheila, and he’s kind of opening up his heart to Tom to see if this guy will be another member of his tribe.”

Deacon is touched and grateful that Hope will attend the wedding, going against her family’s wishes by so doing. “That means everything to him,” Kanan affirms. “Deacon was willing to marry Sheila without Hope’s blessing, although that would’ve been difficult for him because he values his daughter on so many levels. He disappointed her early in her life and he absolutely does not want to be anything but be a source of support and strength for her.”

Deacon is determined to get hitched without any hitches. Kanan shares, “I think Deacon truly feels that he and Sheila have a shot at a healthy, normal life — one that prospers with the restaurant. That said, it’s going to necessitate that Sheila is able to keep a lid on her obsessive desire to have a relationship with Finn. She is fixated on that happening and it represents a potential point of danger. Everything could come crashing down if she pulls any crazy Sheila stunts.”