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Exclusive! Bold and Beautiful November Sweeps Preview

“We’re going to have a little fun, a little romance, a little adventure, and bring the hankies because there’ll be some very tender family moments, as well,” teases Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell. 

Eric’s Health Crisis: “This is a love story between father and son, and Brooke will also be part of it. Eric is at the top of his game and at this later stage in his life, he’s still a designer and he wants to be a designer and do his best work now because there is no tomorrow. But Ridge learns why his father wants to sit at his desk again and goes from annoyed and frustrated to really trying to make Eric’s last days the best days of his life.”

Steffy/Finn: “Steffy has been looking out for the safety of her family, but then she returns. Steffy’s an L.A. girl, this is her hometown, and she confronts Sheila to stake her claim on who the queen bee is of Los Angeles. So that will be one worth watching.”

Hope/Thomas: “Hope has spent her whole life trying to be the antithesis of her mother, good and decent and devoted, but she’s kind of given up on being the angelic girl and decided to follow her desires, which led her to bad boy Thomas. So she’s going through a chapter right now where she knows she’s dancing with the devil. But can Thomas be rehabilitated? Is Thomas capable of that? Will he be a leading man or is he a perpetual villain? We will see that come to light in November and December.”

R.J./Luna/Li/Poppy: “We have the Nozawa family in Los Angeles, and Luna and R.J. have developed a great mutual appreciation for one another. Everything looks like it’s peachy, and Poppy and Luna seem like nice people, but there’s a reason why Li is so cautious and adamant that they’re not going to remain around very long. That mystery will be unraveled this fall.”

Katie/Carter: “Katie and Carter are very much a part of Eric’s story. They’re continuing to see and enjoy one another and we’re going to see lots of them.”

Liam/Bill: “We will see Bill Spencer circling this fall. As for Liam, he’s on a path to get Steffy back, and at this point, Steffy is totally committed to Dr. Finn. But there are going to be more obstacles headed their way, so it’s going to be a triangle, certainly from Liam’s point of view. He’s not giving up.”

Deacon/Sheila: “Deacon is really driven to the edge. He has his daughter and every sane person in Los Angeles saying that he needs to keep clear of Sheila. He understands her and he believes in redemption. He’s done bad things and now he’s the pizza king of Hollywood. But can Sheila be redeemed? Sheila has finally calmed down but the Deacon/Sheila saga is going to reach a very dramatic peak this fall.”

Zende/Paris: “It’s great to have Zende and Paris back. He’s actually not very happy at the moment that R.J. has come onto the scene, who really had no interest in fashion, and now he’s working with the founder himself? Zende is every bit a Forrester and he’s not going to like that R.J. has just come in and leapfrogged him. So Zende is going to have some issues with R.J., and he’s going to be keeping a close eye on R.J. and Luna, too.”

Taylor: “Taylor’s character is moving in different directions but is still very much a part of Thomas’s life and Steffy’s, and we’ll see more of her now that Steffy is back.”

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