Elizabeth Hendrickson Shares Her Soap-Hopping Experience

Hopped from: ALL MY CHILDREN (Frankie, 2001; Maggie, 2002-05; 2007) to Y&R (Chloe, 2008-14; 2015; 2016-17) to GH (Margaux, 2018-19) to Y&R (Chloe, 2019-present)

When I joined AMC, my view of soaps was … “very limited. Grandma watched them, but I was into game shows.”

By the time I got to GH, my view of soaps was … “they’re the best job in the world. I love that you get to invest in a character and act every day, plus you can have basically a normal life with your family.”

When I joined AMC, I got the warmest welcome from … “Eden Riegel [ex-Bianca], because she knew we would be working together.”

When I came to Y&R, I got the warmest welcome from … “Amelia Heinle [Victoria; ex-Mia, AMC]. We had worked together on AMC and she’s the best.”

The co-star who I consider my most influential mentor is … “Maurice Benard [Sonny, GH]. He took me under his wing the minute I got there and continues to be a good friend. He always has the best advice and he’s so supportive.”

Of all the shows, I made the closest pals on … “Well, there are two different stages of life for me. When I was on AMC, I was so young and there were more soap events back then to attend together. We had such a good time hanging out. I’ve been on Y&R the longest, so I have deeper friendships there and we’re at a point in our lives where we cherish those relationships even more than when we were younger.”

The past co-star I recently caught up with is … “Briana Henry [ex-Jordan, GH], who just had a baby. I gave her a bunch of [my daughter] Josephine’s hand-me-downs.”

I’ve been meaning to reach out to … “Tamara Braun [Ava, DAYS; ex-Kim, GH]. She’s so sweet and such a talented actress.”

The past daytime role I’d most enjoy reprising is … “Frankie. I would love to revisit the character if she could come back to life. Times have changed, so to take her life as a gay woman a little further would be really interesting and fun to explore.”

On AMC, I had the most fun working with … “Eden, because she was my better half. I also had the best time with Ivan Shaw [ex-Henry] because he’s one of my oldest and dearest friends now.”

On GH, I had the most fun working with … “Maurice, hands down.”

When I landed on GH, Billy Miller (ex-Drew; ex-Billy, Y&R) said to me … “ ‘Relax. You’re so nervous.’ ”

When I picture the AMC studio, the set that first comes to mind is … “Fusion, because of all the great and fun women I got to work with on that set.”

When I picture the GH studio, the set that first comes to mind is … “the courtroom, ugh. It was the hardest week of work I ever had in my entire life. I never played a lawyer and it was the scariest thing I’ve ever done.”

My one former AMC or GH co-star I would love to see on Y&R is … “Lexi Ainsworth [Kristina, GH] so she can play Chloe’s sister. I love Lexi and we need to play sisters in something. She would be a great addition to our show.”

My best dressing room was on … “AMC because it was so special to me to decorate my first dressing room. Plus it once belonged to Kelly Ripa [ex-Hayley] and I felt so honored to take it over.”

The most memorable wedding I had on a soap was … “definitely on Y&R when Chloe and Chelsea had their big fight. The buildup of that storyline line was amazing and it was some of the best material Missy [Claire Egan, Chelsea] and I were given to play. We both got nominated for [Daytime] Emmys for those scenes.”

Of all my leading men, the funniest off-camera is … “Greg Rikaart [Kevin, Y&R]. He makes me laugh so much because he finds himself so funny! He’s always laughing at how funny he thinks he is, but I’m actually laughing at him laughing at himself.”

Of all the stories I’ve played, the most outlandish was … “on Y&R when Chloe stole Billy’s sperm.”

Of all the stories I’ve played, the one I’m proudest to have been a part of is … “the lesbian storyline on AMC. Since it was my first storyline, I didn’t realize the magnitude of it at the time until we went to a soap event and all of the fans were so excited and lovely. Their reaction really touched me.”

My soap character who I could be besties with is … “Chloe. We would go shopping and buy lots of trendy clothes. I recently had this scene with Missy where Chloe was lifting up Chelsea. I went to dinner with a friend that night and basically had the same exact

My one soap character I would avoid in real life is … “Margaux, because she’ll come at you with the truth and the law, whether you want to hear it or not.”