Editors Share Their Favorite Disaster Storylines

Credit: JPI

Tom Stacy
Considering that one of my favorite movies as a kid was The Towering Inferno, GH’s Port Charles Hotel fire in 2004 was love at first spark. It involved nearly every character on the canvas, and there was drama galore: Enemies working together for the common good; secrets revealed; suppressed feelings awakened; family members in jeopardy; shocking acts of sabotage and betrayal and life or death dilemmas around every corner. The show incorporated state of the art special effects, and that shot of a horrified Emily being airlifted to safety while her love, Nikolas, was left behind on the roof, which erupts into flames before her eyes, will forever be etched in my memory.
Devin Owens
Although SUNSET BEACH would run off the rails with over-the-top stories, I have to say that I loved when a tsunami capsized the prom boat in 1998. Following the survivors working their way up to the top was a direct rip-off of the disaster flick, The Poseidon Adventure, but the special effects were surprisingly good, the action hummed along and the plot was overall entertaining.
Mara Levinsky
I’ve got to go with the 1992 Springfield black-out on GUIDING LIGHT, which was timed to the show’s 40th television anniversary. I remember being enthralled by all the action, but in particular, Ross and Blake hitting the sheets for the first time (scandal!!). I kept those episodes on VHS for many, many years.
Lee Meyer
I loved the end of the 2007 GH hostage crisis, when the bomb went off at the Metro Court with half the cast inside. The story had reached a fever pitch, and the explosion was stunning. The entire crisis was filled with wonderful moments, such as Emily snapping at James Craig/Jerry Jacks, Robin being shot, Alan having a heart attack and Spinelli and Jason trying to save the day. But that montage at the end of everyone inside the collapsed Metro Court was one of the most powerful scenes in my GH memory.