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Driscoll Moves On Up

GUIDING LIGHT’s John Driscoll (Coop) had been living in Brooklyn since moving to the Big Apple to pursue acting, but the actor recently moved to Manhattan and opened up about his new digs.

“It’s been the best thing,” smiles Driscoll of the move. “I walk to work every morning, and then I walk home in the evening. It’s about a mile-and-a-half each way.”

Though some might think the suburban South and Gotham are worlds apart, Driscoll feels right at home in his new neighborhood, near Central Park. “Being from the suburbs in Virginia, I’m used to the quiet life,” he explains. “The Upper East Side, where I’m at now, is the closest I could find.”

Even with the laid-back vibe of his new ‘hood, Driscoll’s apartment is abuzz with activity. “I am living with a roommate,” he reveals. “I bought two kittens. I’m not supposed to have cats in my building, but I couldn’t pass them up. They’ve been nothing but trouble, but I love them. I went to PETsMART and spent $300 on kitty litter and a kitty box and a brush and toothpaste, but I don’t have any names for them yet. I’m thinking Oscar and Felix from THE ODD COUPLE, or Patton and Montgomery from World War II history, which I love. Hopefully, they won’t drive me too crazy,” Driscoll adds with a chuckle.