Dr. Oz Examines The Final Days Of Y&R’s Kristoff St. John

Dr Oz

Credit: Sony Pictures Television

On Friday, February 22, THE DR. OZ SHOW will air an episode titled, “The Final Days Before Soap Opera Star Kristoff St. John’s Death: What Really Happened?” Mia St. John discusses her ex-husband, Kristoff’s, mental health, as well as their son’s. “I never recovered, really recovered, from the death of our son, and neither did Kristoff,” she shares. “And now, the death of Kristoff, it’s just, it’s a lot. It’s a lot, but you know, I know there are so many people that are counting on me. The kids that I work with now, and my daughter [Paris], and just for Kristoff and Julian to know that I’m still here fighting, and I’m going to continue to fight.” Regarding St. John, Mia adds, “Kristoff was, he always appeared to me and a lot of people to be probably the most confident person I’ve ever met. But, at home, personally, you know, with his family, he was actually very insecure.” She offers her thoughts on his passing, noting, “You know, I wanna believe that it was an alcohol accidental overdose.” Tune in tomorrow for the full episode.