DAYS’s Jay Kenneth Johnson Returns For “Last Blast Reunion”

Jay Kenneth Johnson, who played DAYS’s Philip from 1999-2002, and again from 2007-11, will be back on the DOOL App for the “Last Blast Reunion,” reports exclusively. The series, which will reunite the .com crew, will drop on the app on November 29. For more, click here. “It was so cool,” Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) tells Digest of reconnecting with her longtime co-star. “It brought up a lot of nostalgic, lovely memories. He looks the same except now he’s all grown up. I mean, we all are….It also was kind of like riding a bicycle. First day working I was like, ‘What is this gonna be like?’ And then it was just that instant kind of fun thing we’ve always had, that little spark and that little flirtation. It was cool.”