DAYS’s Camila Banus Injured

Camila Banus

Credit: JPI

DAYS’s Camila Banus (Gabi) walked the red carpet at last night’s Emmy awards season celebration party with an injured foot.  “It happened while I was taking a Parkour exercise class,” says the actress. “I hurt myself on the first exercise of the class. I took a 10-minute break and then continued doing the class. I think I messed it up a little more.” Earlier in the day, Banus phoned DAYS before reporting to work to let them know she was having a problem. “I said ‘Hey, I need you to not give me a lot of blocking today because I’m in a lot of pain,’ ” recounts Banus, who wore flats to the event last night. “It was the first red carpet I’ve ever done wearing flats. It was a little overwhelming, but also fun.”