DAYS: Trading Places

Tamara Braun, formerly mob moll Carly Corinthos on GENERAL HOSPITAL, joins the DAYS OF OUR LIVES cast this month as a mystery woman named Ava, who shares a past with Steve Johnson.

This isn’t the first time a GH alumnus has relocated to Salem (or a DAYS star has defected to Port Charles). Heck, Stephen Nichols (Steve) did it! The two soaps have shared so many cast members over the years, it’s getting downright incestuous. Consider how many Salemites have spent time as PC citizens and vice-versa.
Jane Elliot
She started out a PC gal, joining GH in 1978 and eventually earning an Emmy for her role as the ruthless Tracy Quartermaine. In 1987, Elliot moved to DAYS to play another rich witch, Anjelica Deveraux. She returned to her GH roots in 2004.
Thaao Penghlis
In 1981, Penghlis made his daytime debut as GH’s Victor, a member of the wealthy Cassadine family, Luke’s mortal enemies. Later that year, he shifted shows, but it was still the same old song. Penghlis joined DAYS as Tony the count, a member of the rich, powerful DiMeras, the family that has been the bane of the Brady clan.
Judith Chapman
She portrayed GH con artist Ginny Blake in 1984, when she claimed to be young Mike’s mother and caused trouble galore for the tyke’s adopted parents, Rick and Lesley. Upon arriving in Salem in 1989 as Anjelica, Chapman began wreaking havoc as the mother of Justin’s illegitimate son.
David Wallace
Wallace debuted as Todd Chandler in 1985, meeting his demise the following year via a drunken driving accident. The actor resurfaced on GH in 1987 as respectable doctor Tom Hardy, who embarked on an interracial romance with Simone.
Stephen Nichols
Donning an eye patch, Nichols defined a new kind of sexy when he premiered as DAYS’ Steve Johnson, a wild-eyed, blue jean-clad bad boy, in 1985. Nichols played a major personality shift in 1996, when he turned up on GH as stuffy Stefan Cassadine.
Mary Beth Evans
Talk about an about-face! In 1986, Evans took on the role of DAYS’ girl next store Kayla Brady, the epitome of sugar & spice and everything nice. Fans were shocked when she turned up on GH in 1993 as manipulative Katherine Bell, who had an affair with a younger man, Nikolas! However, fans took solace in the fact that she was eventually united with Stefan, portrayed by her former DAYS’ soul mate, Stephen Nichols.
Lynn Herring
Herring debuted on GH in 1986 as Lucy Coe, a mousy librarian who quickly transformed into a va-voom vixen and turned Port Charles on its ear by using and abusing man after man. She took a break from Lucy’s shenanigans to play respectable attorney Lisanne Gardner on DAYS in 1992, but soon met her demise. Ultimately, she returned to GH.
Wally Kurth
Kurth first strutted into Salem as wealthy ladies man Justin Kiriakis in 1987, but true love Adrienne got him to change his Casanova ways. In 1993, he moved to GH to play corporate exec Ned Ashton — who spent his nights as rock ’n’ roll alter ego Eddie Maine.
Matthew Ashford
In 1987, Ashford took on the role of Jack Deveraux, adopted son of Sen. Harper Deveraux. Eventually, he learned he was really Billy Jack Johnson. In 1995, Ashford became the second DAYS alumni to play Dr. Tom Hardy on GH.
Patrika Darbo
A decade before joining the DAYS cast as power-hungry Nancy Wesley in 1998, Darbo was actually a lowly resident of Port Charles. Back in 1988, she played a blue-collar waitress who served food and drinks at Duke’s Place.
Rick Hearst
Hearst began his daytime career as DAYS’ shady Scott Banning, the great-great-grandson of matriarch Alice Horton in 1989. After stints at GUIDING LIGHT (as Alan-Michael), THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (as Matt/Clark) and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (Whip), he found a home on GH in 2006 as Ric Lansing, half-brother to the show’s resident mafia lord, Sonny Corinthos.
John Ingle
Ingle took on the job of playing cutthroat Quartermaine patriarch Edward in 1993. In 2004 he joined DAYS to play attorney Mickey Horton (who soon found himself juggling two wives). Maybe it was too much to handle: He returned to GH in 2006.

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