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DAYS Summer

Summer Camp: Loved It, Loathed It Or Skipped It?

Arnold: “Skipped it. My family usually traveled during the summer. We weren’t in one place long enough for me to go to summer camp.”

Beemer: “Loved it!”

Telfer: “That wasn’t really a thing in the UK, and I was always kind of jealous of it because it looked like fun in American movies. I skipped it, but it’s still interesting to me.”

Lake, Ocean Or Pool?

Arnold: “Ocean. Always ocean.”

Beemer: “Lake because it’s quiet and peaceful.”

Telfer: “Lakes are lovely, pools are lovely, but there’s something about the power of the ocean.”

Sunscreen: Forgetful Or Fanatical?

Arnold: “Fanatical. I put it on every single day, even if I’m not going to be leaving my apartment [laughs].”

Beemer: “Forgetful … but I’ll be better this year.”

Telfer: “Forgetful.”

Favorite Summer Drink:

Arnold: “My favorite drink in general is an Aperol Spritz. But an Aperol Spritz in the summer by the beach is the best.”

Beemer: “Watermelon juice and vodka.”

Telfer: “A lager or pilsner — a nice crisp beer.”

Favorite Food To Toss On The Grill:

Arnold: “I don’t eat meat any more, but I used to love burgers. So I guess maybe an Impossible burger.”

Beemer: “Kabob.”

Telfer: “Steak … particularly rib eye.”

Favorite Fruit:

Arnold: “Nectarines or cherries.”

Beemer: “Blueberries.”

Telfer: “Watermelon.”

Favorite Frozen Treat:

Arnold: “Good old ice cream.”

Beemer: “Ice cream cone.”

Telfer: “Frozen margarita.”

Favorite Summer Sport:

Arnold: “Swimming.”

Beemer: “Golf.”

Telfer: “I love athletics like track and field in the summer.”

Favorite Beach Activity:

Arnold: “Laying on a towel and reading.”

Beemer: “Frisbee.”

Telfer: “Laying on it. Volleyball is fun, too.”

Road Trip Role: Driver Or Passenger?

Arnold: “I prefer to be the driver, because you get control of the [sound system].”

Beemer: “Driver.”

Telfer: “Driver. So we all get there in one piece. If I go, we all go.”

4th Of July Fave: Picnic, Parade Or Fireworks?

Arnold: “Fireworks. I love fireworks.”

Beemer: “Fireworks, for sure!”

Telfer: “Picnic.”

Summer Wardrobe Staple?

Arnold: “A good pair of sandals.”

Beemer: “Sunglasses.”

Telfer: “Nice linen pants. There’s no other time of the year you can wear them.”

Dream Summer Vacation Destination:

Arnold: “The Amalfi Coast in Italy. I watched a video about it, and since then I’ve been obsessed.”

Beemer: “Greece. Who wants to go with me?”

Telfer: “Hawaii. Still haven’t been. We’re hopefully going this year.”