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DAYS Recaps Week of May 23, 2005

Friday, May 27, 2005
Sami entered the bunker. Lucas assumed Tony was holding her hostage, too. Nobody else believed that. “Whever Sami’s involved, there’s always more to the story,” Brady sneered. Sami insisted that she was trying to rescue them. She pulled a gun; they all said they believed her. They then trashed Stan. Sami asked Lucas if he could give her another chance when they got home. Rex and Shawn cased the hallways and were caught by guards. Brady and Philip took the other corridor. When Tony heard the prisoners escaped, he said to blow up the bunker. “Bye-bye boyrs, bye-bye Sami, bye-bye Bart,” Bart sighed.

At the penthouse, Kate, Roman and Marlena discussed Shawn’s motives for leading the rescue mission. John was able to get a visual images of the boys. They counted another person in the room and it appeared to be a female. Looks like Sami, Marlena remarked. Kate blamed Sami for everything. “I hope she burns in hell for what she’s done,” Kate cried. Needless to say, that didn’t sit well with Doc Evans.

At the Deveraux house, Hope blamed Billie for Shawn being abroad: If Billie hadn’t taken Bo on the wild goose chase, Shawn would still be in town, she reasoned. Roman called the Deveraux house to share the news of Sami with the boys. John sent the link of the boys so the group there could watch the satellite feed, too. Jen suggested Billie leave; Jack said she should stay. They went on the porch, where Billie had an unnecessarily long flashback about having sex with Bo. A wobbly Jack felt faint and passed out.

They went on the porch, where Billie had an unnecessarily long flashback about having sex with Bo.
Marlena called Belle to tell her that Tony was holding the boys hostage — and that Sami was with them. Belle told Mimi. The girls couldn’t believe she was able to infiltrate the bunker and suspected she was working with Tony. They prayed for the protection of the boys.

Back in the bunker, the boys overpowered the guards. Tony grabbed Brady and held a gun to his head. Sami came in and caused a distraction; Tony let Brady go. Philip pulled his gun on Tony and they had a tense standoff. The Marines came in to save the day; Philip clocked Tony. The Marines explained that they had planted tracking devices on Shawn, Brady and Rex and with John’s help, they were able to find them.

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