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DAYS Recaps Week of January 15, 2007

Friday, January 19, 2007
As Sami and Lucas prepared to leave for her award ceremony, she apologized
for freaking out when EJ called. Will was enthusiastic about his mom’s new
heroic image and wore a shirt that read “My mom is Sami Brady and yours

At the pub, Hope and Bo fretted about the Claire custody situation. Kayla
popped in and Bo slipped about Steve’s trip to Mexico. Kayla was furious to
hear Bo sent him to get EJ. Hope told Kayla that Bo was surprised she
didn’t go with him because he was hoping she would keep him out of trouble. Bo confided that Steve had a few more episodes. Bo tried to get a hold of Steve, but couldn’t get through. Kayla had a feeling something was wrong.

In a bar in Mexico City, Steve found EJ. He handed him a warrant for his arrest.
Steve advised Wells to go back to Salem and share his side of the story. Steve told him they don’t think John is going to make it out of his coma. “I can assure you, I had nothing to do with his unfortunate accident,” the murder suspect said. Steve informed him that an
eyewitness stepped forward, and asked EJ to at least tell him who helped
him escape. A crafty EJ shiftd gears and asked Steve if he was having bad memories. Steve attacked him and demanded he tell him what was going on. Steve started screaming and some men in the bar escorted him out. “I’m going to kill you,” he yelled at EJ.
Wells realized his wallet and cell phone were missing. On the sidewalk, a
bloody Steve smirked as he pulled EJ’s belongings out of his pocket.

In the car, Max, Mimi, Belle and Shawn went over their plan to kidnap
Claire. Belle visited John in the hospital to say a tearful good-bye. She
turned around to see Marlena, who asked why she was saying bye. Belle
explained to Marlena why they feel the need to kidnap Claire. Her mom tried
to talk her out of it, but understood her desperation. “How do I help?” she
asked Belle. Shawn walked in to get Belle, and Marlena told him to take care
of her girls. They all exchanged good-byes. Marlena begged John to wake up.
Philip (with Claire) ran into Belle and asked what she was doing there. She
explained that she was there to see her dad, and asked to hold her daughter.
He hesitated, but her put the baby in Belle’s arms. Shawn darted out of the
bathroom and threw punches at Philip. Belle and Shawn ran out with Claire,
hopped in the car and getaway-driver Max sped off while Philip banged on the

Chelsea snapped at Kate for harassing her about wanting a loving family. She
cried about her adoptive parents that died and biological parents, who have
their set of problems. Kate pointed out that Chelsea isn’t part of her
father’s family that involves Hope and their kids. Chelsea confronted her
grandmother about her hatred of Sami. Roman arrived at the pub and
introduced Sami to the crowd in order to start the award presentation in his daughter’s
honor. Chelsea asked Sami how she managed to get the Bradys to like her.
Marlena arrived and informed Bo and Hope of Belle and Shawn’s plan. Bo
wanted to stop them, but Marlena told him not to. She noted Philip had a
passport in Claire’s name. Hope told Bo he would have done the same thing in
that situation. Roman gave a speech about Sami. With tears in her eyes, Sami
accepted her award. She thanked everyone for giving her another chance, and
specifically thanked Lucas for saving her life, as well. Kate publicly put
her hand out to make amends with a shocked Sami. Philip stormed in and
demanded to know where Belle and Shawn took Claire.

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