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DAYS Recaps Week of Jan. 30, 2006

Friday, February 3, 2006
At the loft, Mimi, Shawn, Belle and Caroline discussed who Claire looked like. Caroline noted again how much Claire looked like Shawn. Mimi walked off; Bonnie advised her to keep mum about the truth and hold it together. Mimi said she made a mistake lying to Rex and didn’t want to do it again. Shawn called Mimi over and asked who the baby looked like. Belle, Mimi replied, then said she needed to tell them something. A desperate Bonnie faked chest pains and claimed she was having a heart attack. Everyone rushed to her, but Bonnie then said it was just indigestion. Caroline offered to give her water and an aspirin. Mimi said her mother was fine and had to talk to Shawn and Belle. Bonnie suddenly got more pains. She then cried that she wasn’t lying. Shawn and Belle took her to the hospital. Belle and Caroline stayed behind. Belle remarked that it seemed Mimi thought Bonnie was lying. The two then discussed the wedding. Caroline said she knew Belle hoped to wear her dress instead of Mimi. Belle said she was happy for them. Belle revealed that in high school, she and Shawn discussed naming a baby of theirs Claire. Caroline told Belle that she’ll always think of her as her granddaughter. Belle thanked her, then confessed she still loved Shawn and wished Claire was his.

At the hospital, Lexie checked in on Abe’s corneal transplant surgery. Shawn and Belle brought Bonnie in. Mimi worried that maybe Bonnie wasn’t lying. Lexie examined Bonnie. When Lexie walked out, Bonnie stressed out that Mimi would find out she was faking it. She then ran in her room to get her heart rate higher. Lexie came in with Mimi and Shawn, took her vitals and asked her if something happened that brought on anxiety.

Carrie agreed to think about taking the job Lucas offered at Titan. Lucas went out to get milk while Carrie mulled his offer. Across the hall, Austin told Sami he had a way to get Carrie’s company back for her. Sami tried to stop him. Austin was suspicious of Sami’s reluctance. Sami deflected, just saying that he needed to give Carrie space to think about things. No, Austin said, the more time passes, the worse it will get. He went to take a shower before talking to Carrie. Lucas returned; Sami heard him whistling in the hallway and opened the door to talk to him. Austin came out of the shower and Carrie came into the hallway. Austin asked to speak to her.

At the courthouse, Bo reamed out Patrick for getting involved in the case, then admitted that he gave Chelsea permission to drive his car, which made everything his fault. Chelsea was upset when Hope called her a murderer. Hope accused Chelsea of talking on her cell phone when she hit Zack. Chelsea recalled that happening. Hope said she couldn’t believe Chelsea would let Billie lie for her. Hope yelled at Chelsea, which prompted Bo and Patrick to come out in the hall. Hope cried in Bo’s arms, railing at her stepdaughter, who still tried to deny everything. Hope confronted her with the photographic proof. A teary Chelsea apologized. Hope tore into her for not stopping after she hit what she thought was a “bump”. Billie calmly asked Hope to consider the facts and realize that Chelsea didn’t know what she had hit and wouldn’t think a little boy would be in the middle of the street in the middle of the night. Hope criticized Billie for helping Chelsea cover it up, then told Chelsea she shouldn’t have stolen Bo’s car. Chelsea said she didn’t —Bo gave her permission to drive it. A stunned, confused Hope turned to her husband.

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