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DAYS Preview: Rafe Uncovers Key Evidence to Clear Gabi of Li’s Murder

Galen Gering, Elia Cantu


The investigation to clear Gabi of Li’s murder on Days of our Lives continues to gain serious steam much to the delight of her detective brother, Rafe.

“This has been a dream of Rafe’s ever since Gabi was convicted,” says Galen Gering (Rafe), acknowledging his character’s “immense guilt” over not being able to prove his sister’s innocence. “So the fact that new evidence is coming to light, which will potentially vindicate her, is great. Rafe is completely elated about this new evidence, and it’s strong evidence.”

After Li’s blood was discovered on Gil’s black book, and Stefan provided personnel records from The Bistro for further evidence, Rafe convinces Ava to return to the scene of Li and Gil’s murders: Tripp and Wendy’s apartment. Once there, he pressures Ava to recall any details that could exonerate his sister.

“It’s an attempt to get some more testimony or, potentially, have Ava remember something that happened that could also be used to buoy [Li’s murder] case,” explains Gering.

Ava recalls Gil being there when Li was killed. “And that she just blacked it out,” recounts Gering, noting that “it’s PTSD.”

The revelation is traumatizing for Ava, however Rafe maintains his composure. “He’s trying to separate himself and be professional, so as to make sure he’s crossing all his t’s and dotting all his i’s in that regard,” explains Gering. “So he’s not really getting caught up in it. He’s also trying to make sure that he’s there for Ava if she were to go down some emotional rabbit hole. But, yeah, this is obviously incredibly emotional for Rafe. As a big brother and father figure, the guy feels like a failure for not being able to have gotten Gabi off in all this time and actually vindicated.”

Ava’s recall of the night of the murder convinces Rafe that Gil killed Li. “It certainly looks that way,” says Gering. “But it hasn’t been proven yet.”

Rafe speculates that Gil had come looking for Ava, and Li was in the wrong place at the wrong time, resulting in Li’s accidental death and Gabi’s wrongful arrest. With Kristen and Stefan supporting him, Rafe heads to see EJ and presents his evidence and theory. “Rafe is optimistic that EJ will reopen the case with this new evidence coming to light and that it will potentially lead to an overturned ruling and Gabi being freed from prison,” says Gering.

Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned. EJ dismisses the evidence, refusing to reopen the case. It leaves Rafe and Stefan furious.

“Rafe is totally upset about the whole thing,” admits Gering. “I mean, this is incredible. He’s like, ‘What are you talking about? Why wouldn’t you reopen the case? You should reopen the case. This evidence is substantial. It makes no sense why you’re not doing this.’ But then, of course, it makes perfect sense. He’s freaking EJ, and he just dismisses it. He obviously has it out for Gabi and for Rafe, and it’s incredibly frustrating.”