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DAYS Preview: Honeymoon Nightmare When Chanel Disappears

Susan Seaforth Hayes, Carson Boatman


Eager to kick off their long-awaited honeymoon with some lovemaking at the Horton cabin, Johnny and Chanel receive a surprise visitor: Julie.

“It’s definitely a big shocker and probably the worst thing that could happen on our honeymoon,” admits Raven Bowens (Chanel).

“Not that Julie is either of their grandmothers on the show, but you don’t want ‘your grandma’ walking in while you’re taking care of business,” adds Carson Boatman (Johnny) with a laugh.

However, since there’s a snowstorm outside, the threesome has no choice but to hunker down together. “Julie wants to go and tries to leave, but Johnny and Chanel both persuade her to stay, just for the sake of safety,” says Boatman, noting that they end up making the best of the situation and having some fun. “We drink some hot chocolate. Then we play charades.”

Afterward, Johnny notices that their firewood supply is running low and heads outside to collect some. When he doesn’t return in a timely manner, Chanel goes out after him. “At that point, Chanel has just been entertaining Julie,” explains Bowens. “So she’s kind of like, OK, this isn’t what I was planning on doing for my honeymoon. Let me go and find my husband. It’s been a while, so Chanel thinks maybe it’s a lot of wood and Johnny might need some help. She doesn’t think that he’s in any real danger. She’s just kind of trying to get some time alone with him really quick, away from Julie.”

Later, Johnny returns, but without his wife. “He’s like, ‘Where’s Chanel?’” recounts Boatman. “And Julie says, ‘I thought she was with you. She went to find you.’ Johnny obviously knows that she wasn’t with him, so he starts to panic.”

Johnny and Julie become more concerned when they realize Chanel didn’t take her phone with her. Soon Paulina calls worried about her daughter being at the Horton cabin during a blizzard. Johnny answers his wife’s phone and lies about her whereabouts.

“Johnny doesn’t want to worry Paulina,” contends Boatman. “And he’s confident that he’ll find Chanel somehow. He’s just trying to buy time with Paulina, so he can find Chanel, and let her mother know she’s OK.”

After the call, Johnny goes searching for Chanel. “He throws his coat back on and goes back outside to try and find her with minimal success,” concedes Boatman.

Meanwhile, Paulina calls again. This time Julie answers and finally reveals that Chanel is missing. Johnny returns in the middle of their conversation and assures Paulina that he’ll find Chanel no matter what. However, inwardly, Johnny can’t help but worry.

“Johnny’s level of concern is high,” says Boatman. “I mean, it’s a snowstorm. You only have so many minutes or hours outside in that kind of weather before it starts to get pretty dangerous. And so he’s panicking. He’s scared, but he’s determined to find Chanel.”

And it looks like he’s going to get some major help from his mother-in-law, who uses her mayoral position to help speed up the rescue process. “I don’t know how much I can give away, but she does pull some strings,” teases Boatman. “Paulina hijacks a piece of machinery and uses it to try and find Chanel.”

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