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Darin Brooks (Wyatt, B&B) reflects on his characters’ often messy love life

How would you characterize Wyatt’s love life? “A whirlwind. If he likes you, he goes for it and nothing will stop him.”

Who is Wyatt’s true love? “I think he feels like Flo has been the one that he was destined to be with since they were kids.”

Who is the one who got away? “It was Flo all along. Whatever trouble Quinn and Wyatt got into in Vegas forced them to run away from everyone and everything, most importantly Flo.”

Hope Logan (2013-14)

What was the initial attraction to Hope? “To him, she was this magnetic, mysterious girl who sneaked up on him and caught him off-guard and … off-clothed? Is that a thing? Very unclothed.”

What was your most memorable moment of their courtship? “Getting married in Monte Carlo on the Stella Maris, that huge, beautiful yacht, and then jumping off in that ‘leap of faith’ moment was just so amazing — for Darin and for Wyatt.”

How did Hope’s miscarriage affect them? “That was a breaking point, and to think that [Hope’s fall] was possibly because of his mother, Hope blamed him in a way, and that’s when she took off. It was just too much for her. I think Wyatt partially blamed himself, as well.”



Ivy Forrester (2015)

What drew Wyatt to Ivy? “I think Wyatt has a thing for accents. I think most people do. But he loved her because of her kindness.”

How did he take it when Ivy declined Wyatt’s marriage proposal? “Getting his first ‘no’ brought him back down a few pegs. He can’t just keep asking for people to marry him right away and rush into things. Jeez, Wyatt! Slow down!”

If Wyatt could say something to Ivy now, what would it be? “I feel like there could’ve been some- thing great there. He’ll probably always wonder what could’ve been. Maybe she’s a one that got away?



Steffy Forrester (2016-17)

What attracted Wyatt to Steffy? “Steffy was this carefree, strong, confident woman. He wanted to keep up with this badass.”

What was the most memorable part of that relationship? “When Wyatt was urging her to get back onto her bike [after her miscarriage]. Wyatt was the one who forced her to face her fears and live that carefree life again.”

What is the biggest regret Wyatt has about Steffy? “Giving up so easily to Liam. I believe Wyatt regrets not living by his usual credo of, ‘All’s fair in love and war!’”



Katie Logan (2017-18)

Describe the “Watie” courtship. “It was supposed to be no strings attached. These two had a casual, fun sexual relationship. But you can only fight that ‘no strings attached’ label for so long before you start connecting over things.”

What was a personal highlight of Wyatt and Katie’s time together? “They had a lot of fun with role-playing…. I believe [Wyatt’s fake] mustache developed a life of [its] own.”

How would Wyatt sum up this love affair? “Wyatt taught Katie how let go of the reins a little and Katie taught Wyatt how to love again. They needed something refreshing and no-pressure — and it made these two learn to love themselves.”


Sally Spectra (2018-19; 2020)

What brought these two together? “It totally went off with a bang. Literally — remember the gun? It was one of his most wild, crazy, passionate relationships because Sally is that kind of a person — spunky and out there, in a good way.”

When Wyatt proposed with no ring, was that the writing on the wall? “For sure, because he was over-reacting. He was reaching a bit. He wasn’t prepared. It all started to unravel at that point.”

How would you describe their breakup? “I enjoyed playing out that bittersweet, sad ending. It was almost like maybe at another time in their lives this could have worked out. It was ‘wrong time and place’ for these two.”



Flo Fulton (2019-20)

Does Wyatt believe that first loves can last? “Right now he does!”

What made Wyatt choose Flo over Sally? “Wyatt never got a fair shot. It was abruptly taken away from him and he has been searching for it since.”

Wyatt’s interfering mother, Quinn, actually approves of Flo. “That makes his life a whole lot easier. Wyatt is extremely happy not to have that problem anymore!”