Chappell And Alfonso Address Online Drama

Crystal Chappell (Carly, DAYS) spoke to Digest about the online furor that has taken place since the announcement of her exit and comments made on the Web about Kristian Alfonso (Hope) that led to warring between the fan bases. "I have no bad feelings toward Kristian or anybody," she declares. "I didn't come to the defense of my colleague on Twitter, but I actually did. It's nobody else's business really how I do something." The fan base fighting upset her the most. "What disturbed me was that [my fan base] was being blamed for something someone else said," she explains. "My feeling is, don't fight. It's pointless to fight. I don't see the reason for it, especially in light of the fact that these shows are in terrible jeopardy and the more we fracture the overall fan base, the more unstable the show becomes. So it's really important that all fan bases stick together. I don't care what people think of me, quite frankly, because I know my truth, but I really took offense to people going after innocent people. I don't condone hate. It really begs the question what defines bullying." For more from the actress, be sure to pick up the issue of Digest on sale next Friday. As for Alfonso, she tells Digest exclusively, "The whole thing is very sad. I very much enjoyed working with Crystal Chappell and think she's a tremendous talent and she will be missed. I'm so sad that people feel so free to bully. It is a troubling problem in today's society. I've tried to always remember what my parents have told me, which I relay now to my own children: Always treat others with the love and respect that you would also like to receive."