Daytime vet Carrie Genzel (ex-Skye, AMC, et al) stars in HEARTS OF SPRING, which premieres Saturday, April 9, at 9 p.m. on the Hallmark Channel. “It’s a really sweet love story,” Genzel tells Digest. “It stars Lisa Whelchel, who is lovely. She plays a mommy blogger, and Michael Shanks plays our handsome, odd doctor and unbeknownst to them, they get into this online feud that becomes very popular, but neither one of them knows who the other is. I play a character named Tracy Rhodes, a divorced mother of one, who is the biggest brat on the face of the earth [laughs]. My character definitely provides the comic relief!” Genzel can also be seen on the big screen in the horror flick, They're Watching, which is now playing in theaters and Video On Demand. “I play the frustrated producer of an international home renovation show who drops F-bombs every two seconds [laughs]. We go back to an Eastern European country called Moldova to shoot more footage for our show,” the actress shares. “There, we get caught up in the local townspeople fear of a local witch, and all hell breaks loose. We actually shot in Romania, which was incredible. You couldn’t find two more disparate characters, which is why I love what I do!”

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