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Camila Banus Shares Her Fitness Tips

What do you eat in a normal day? “I fast until about 10 or 11 a.m. because normally, I like to work out in the morning. So I will do a green juice from a company called Garden of Life. And then I get some solid food in around 11, and that’s anything that has to do with protein, like oatmeal or eggs or even some turkey. It’s important to have carbs in the morning, so I complement that with some toast and a little bit of juice. For lunch, I usually have my heaviest meal. I have an obsession with rice but white rice is really bad for you, so I’ve been transitioning into doing brown rice with a healthy amount of protein, whether that’s plant-based protein or chicken or turkey. And then for dinner, I try to have a substantial meal but not as much as lunch. Spinach is my favorite, so I do spinach and chicken or any type of protein.”

Do you snack? “Yes, I’m always snacking on pretzel chips or healthy veggie chips or fruits. I love all types of fruits — grapes, passionfruit, pomegranate — so during the day, I’m having a smoothie, as well, which fills me up.”

What is your go-to smoothie recipe? “I have this five times a week: a handful of spinach, a handful of pineapple, a handful of strawberries, Greek yogurt and a splash of water.”

What is your workout program? “Obviously with Covid, things have been a little bit different just because getting to the gym hasn’t been easy or possible, but thankfully, I’ve been going to a program that has outdoor, 45-minute, spaced out classes, so I go five times a week in the morning. Sometimes if I feel I didn’t get a good enough workout, I’ll supplement that and do a little more at home. I love to go skating around my neighborhood. It’s a really good total body workout, really good for your core. I also like to do Insanity [on] at home. It’s very much a challenge, so whenever I feel I need to get my butt kicked, I do that.”

How do you stay motivated? “One of the biggest motivations for me to stay disciplined is having a partner that is showing you that they’re also disciplined. I see my boyfriend, Marlon, get up every day and go to the gym and that makes me motivated. We both support each other in that way.”

Camila’s Three Top Tips

• “Make sure you stretch your body before every workout. It’s really important for your muscles to gradually warm themselves up so you don’t tear them in a bad way.”

• “Drink water. It’s not only important for your muscles but for your bones and joints.”

• “Even if you don’t have equipment, use a towel or a chair or your body weight. Start small. Ten minutes, five minutes, one minute. You did one minute today, maybe tomorrow you’ll do two.”