Bryan Dattilo (Lucas, DAYS) reflects on his characters’ often messy love life

How would you characterize Lucas’s love life? “His love life has been a failure. He hasn’t had success because there’s always been somebody else in the picture.”

Who do you think is his true love? “That would have to be Sami. Lucas fell in love with Sami and everybody else pretty much couldn’t compare to her.”

Who is the one that got away? “I might have to say Nicole, because in Lucas’s mind, he really thought that was real. He was totally blindsided when he learned she was paid to marry him. I can’t really say Sami got away, because she chose someone else.”

Sami Brady (1993–95, 2003–08)

What drew Lucas to Sami? “In the beginning, Lucas, who was a little bit older, started schooling Sami through her crush on Austin. As Sami got older and became a woman, Lucas saw her in a different light. When they got together, it was a perfect fit for both of them.”

What was the biggest obstacle for Lucas and Sami? “It’s always been another man, whether it was Austin or Brandon or EJ.”

What was the most memorable era in the Lucas/Sami romance? “Definitely the time they spent together in Sami’s apartment when they first started to become a couple. They were either food-fighting or breaking beds. Also, when they found out Will was gay. That was a big moment for the two of them.”

What’s the biggest mistake Lucas made in their relationship? “Probably not standing up for Sami more, like when she was running off with EJ. I would have liked the chance for Lucas to state his case to Sami, maybe in one last scene or speech, [and] tell her she was making a mistake.”



Carrie Brady (1993-95, 2005-06)

What attracted Lucas to Carrie? “He was infatuated with her. In Lucas’s mind, Carrie was like a Barbie doll. He thought, ‘Oh, that’s what the hot girl looks like.’ For Lucas, coming from military school, she was the prize of the pound.”

Did the fact that she was Austin’s girlfriend add to her allure? “Yeah, that added another element to Lucas wanting her. He felt like he had to get her, because he was competing with Austin for her. It was a stupid guy thing.”

What do you consider the most memorable era of their romance? “We had these huge scenes where Lucas finds out, while he was married to Carrie, that she was sleeping with Austin. I got to have it out with him and her. There were pages and pages of dialogue, and the speeches were so great. That was hard for Lucas, because Carrie became human and not someone who was on a pedestal.”



Chloe Lane (2009-10, 2017)

This pairing sort of came out of nowhere. Did it take you by surprise? “I had no idea! I remember Nadia [Bjorlin, Chloe] and I being the only two on the cast around the same age who hadn’t been together. So I thought that might happen, but I didn’t know. It worked to a certain point between the characters. They’d been through some similar situations. I thought it made sense at the time, but I didn’t know how long it would last.”

Do you remember where they first hooked up? “It was in an elevator, and it was really sexy. It was the most risqué scene I ever did in daytime. I remember thinking, ‘I don’t even know if we can do this. I’ll be so surprised if any of this airs.’ ”

What drew Lucas to Chloe? “Her strength, her beauty, her independence, her talent, her confidence, her humor … They were kind of very light with each other, and there wasn’t a lot of fighting between them. It was a more mature relationship compared to anything Lucas had ever had before.”

When they briefly reunited in 2017, how was the relationship different? “The first time, they had more of a physical connection. The second time, it was more of a comfort thing and being familiar with one another. There was a connection, but there wasn’t any passion.”

Did Lucas make any mistakes in his relationships with Chloe? “Yes. Not saving her when she was kidnapped by that drug lord, who wanted her to sing opera to him. He wasn’t her knight in shining armor.”



Adrienne Kiriakis (2015-17)

Were you surprised when Lucas and Adrienne got together? “I was. I’d been an Adrienne and Justin fan from when I used to watch the show, so it was fun to get to work with Judi [Evans, Adrienne] and Wally [Kurth, Justin].”

What drew Lucas to Adrienne? “Her way of listening and understanding him, and her compassion for him. Lucas had never experienced that before, having someone hear him out and go, ‘Wow. You’ve really had it hard and I’m really sorry.’ ”

What was the biggest obstacle for the two of them? “Justin. Lucas knew that Justin had a lot to stand on when it came to arguing for her hand. In the end, Lucas kind of knew Justin and Adrienne were going to find their way back to one another. Bonnie was a big obstacle, too, when she posed as Adrienne.”