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The Blair Witch Project Page 2


1. When Blair first arrived in town, where was she hiding her mother, Addie?

  1. In the basement
  2. In the attic
  3. In a nonworking refrigerator
  4. In a cage

2. What did Blair do prior to her wedding to Asa … while wearing her bridal gown?

  1. Sleep with Todd
  2. Get into a catfight with Renee
  3. Sleep with Cord
  4. Sleep with Max

3. What of the following did Blair do to Luna?

  1. Lock her in a closet
  2. Spit on her
  3. Run her over
  4. Cut off her hair

4. Blair has suffered from all of the following ailments except:

  1. aplastic anemia
  2. allergies
  3. brain tumor
  4. stroke

both of her kids have suffered from this, but she hasn’t.5. When a presumed-dead Todd returned home from Ireland, he was shocked to find Blair with:

  1. Cord
  2. Patrick
  3. Max
  4. Asa

6. What was the name of the company that Blair formed with Ben to get revenge on Max and Asa?

  1. B&B United
  2. Llanview United
  3. United Airlines
  4. C&D United

7. Blair has committed all of the following crimes except:

  1. pushing someone out a window
  2. withholding medicine from an ill person
  3. shooting someone
  4. robbing a bank

Blair pushed Téa out a window, shot Max and withheld meds from Asa when he was having a heart attack.8. Where did Blair head to after learning that Todd had pretended their son, Jack, was dead?

  1. Hawaii
  2. Pine Valley
  3. Atlantic City
  4. Puerto Rico

9. What was the name of the child that Blair had with Patrick, but lost?

  1. Patrick
  2. Brendan
  3. Barrett
  4. Bennett

10. Blair has worked for all of the following publications in Llanview except:

  1. Craze
  2. The Sun
  3. The Llanview Times
  4. The Banner

How did you do?
Blair-ing Errors (1-3 Correct): You do know who Blair is, right?
Just make sure Todd doesn’t see these results — it might make him angry.Blair Weather Friend (4-6 Correct): Not too terrible, but not too great, either. This is about a David Vickers level performance … you’re just skating by on your charm.Blair & Lovely (7-8 Correct): Good job! You’re not exactly an expert yet, but spend some time with Dorian and you will be. Trust us, she has plenty to say when it comes to chatting about her “girls.”All’s Blair… (9-10 Correct): You know the rest! Come to think of it, you know just a little too much about her. What are you, a stalker — or even worse, Spencer Truman?

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