B&B's Kimberlin Brown (Sheila) Tackles Our Random Questions


Who’s your favorite villain?

“Kathy Bates in Misery. In fact, when I read for the part of Sheila, [Supervising Producer] Ed Scott actually told me to think of Kathy Bates in Misery, so I took that to heart. I drew from that character because she could be smiling at your face one moment and then breaking your legs the next, and then nursing you back to health.”

Who’d win in a fight between Sheila and Bates’s Annie Wilkes?

“I think that might be a fight to the death!”

Who have you seen from Y&R since you’ve been back in the CBS studio?

“I ran into Christian [J. LeBlanc, Michael] first and then Eileen Davidson [Ashley]. I ran into Tracey [E. Bregman, Lauren], finally, and I’ve seen her a couple of times now. Oh, and Peter [Bergman, Jack]! Everyone has been nothing but supportive of my return.”

Has anyone ever been scared of you in real life because of the dastardly things you’ve done as Sheila?

“Absolutely! [Husband] Gary and I were on our way home from our honeymoon and on a layover in Houston, I went to use the restroom. There was a group of ladies who were traveling together and one of them recognized me and went, ‘It’s Sheila!’ And she came over and started hitting me on the arm with her newspaper. I had to say, ‘Excuse me. My name is Kimberlin. It’s nice to meet you.’ It wasn’t until then that the lightbulb went off and she went, ‘Oh, okay.’ I had to remind her that I was playing that role.”

You own an avocado farm. What’s the secret to great guacamole?

“Fresh ingredients. Just use a little lemon or lime, salt, pepper, onion, garlic, cilantro — and spice it up once in a while. Throw a little jalapeño in there. The fresher you keep it, the better it’s going to be.”