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B&B stars weigh in on all things holiday

The Merry Makers: Don Diamont (Bill), Sean Kanan (Deacon) and Tanner Novlan (Finn)

Favorite Holiday Movie?

Diamont:Die Hard.”

Kanan:Love Actually.”

Novlan: “[National Lampoon’s] Christmas Vacation. We watch it everything Thanksgiving. When the feast is done, that kicks off the holiday season.”

Favorite Christmas Carol?

Diamont: “ ‘When You Walk Through A Storm’ [a.k.a. ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’]. When I was kid, that was always one of the songs we sang at the holiday pageants.”

Kanan: “I’m a sucker for ‘The Little Drummer Boy’.”

Novlan: “ ‘O Holy Night’. It’s solemn, and I like that.”

Favorite Holiday Tradition?

Diamont: “Having the entire family at our house. We light the Hanukkah menorah and we also have everyone gathering around and decorate the Christmas tree.”

Kanan: “Getting together with loved ones sounds so generic but with Covid, the chance to physically get together with people you care about has taken on a great and renewed appreciation. That’s something in the past maybe we’ve taken for granted, and I value it so much more now.”

Novlan: “They’re changing now, but I really like playing Santa Claus and setting up the toys on Christmas Eve. I’m so enjoying it!”

Favorite Reindeer?

Diamont: “Of course, it’s Rudolph.”

Kanan: “Blitzen.”

Novlan: “Blitzen.”

Mistletoe: Yay Or Nay?

Diamont: “Why do I even need mistletoe? My wife is walking mistletoe.”

Kanan: “Yay, of course!”

Novlan: “Yay! Come on.”

Christmas Morning: Sleep In Or Wake Up Early?

Diamont: “We never sleep in, regardless.”

Kanan: “Now that the kids are out of the house, I’d say sleep in a little bit.”

Novlan: “Nowadays, we are up early but I’d prefer to sleep in.”

Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Yay Or Nay?

Diamont: “None.”

Kanan: “Not for me.”

Novlan: “Yes! We do it up around here so we are all yeses.”

Eggnog: Virgin, Spiked Or Not At All?

Diamont: “Don’t like it.”

Kanan: “Not at all. It’s super-caloric and if it’s not spiked, I don’t like it enough to have it on its own.”

Novlan: “Spiked. I actually make it from scratch.”

Top Item On Your Gift Wish List?

Diamont: “Health.”

Kanan: “Cash. Cash and Bitcoin.”

Novlan: “A custom hockey stick. How Canadian is that? We’ll see if Santa brings it for me.”

Your Tip For A Stress-Free Holiday:

Diamont: “Have no family over, which is the very opposite of what we do…. I’m kidding!”

Kanan: “Make a plan, but understand plans rarely go according to plan. Go with the flow and remember, ultimately, the idea is to enjoy yourself, relax and savor each other’s company in the spirit of the holidays. Enjoy being in the present.”

Novlan: “Alcohol.” Can we print that? A little goes a long way [laughs].”

Your Holiday Wish For The Fans:

Diamont: “With all the pandemic issues, I wish you health, wellness and success in getting through an incredibly challenging period.”

Kanan: “Have a wonderful holiday, full of love and connection to family and friends — and as every author will say, ‘Buy my book [laughs].’ ”

Novlan: “I wish everyone has a wonderful holiday season — and that we can keep you entertained with all of our drama and none of your own.”