B&B Stars Reflect On Their Days As Students

Favorite subject:

de Metz: “Twentieth century history.”

Noelle: “Earth and space science.”

Novlan: “History. I like a good story.”

Least favorite subject:

de Metz: “Geometry.”

Noelle: “AP Statistics.”

Novlan: “Algebra. I found no enjoyment in finding the value of ‘y’.”

Favorite extracurricular activity:

de Metz: “Fencing.”

Noelle: “Dance.”

Novlan: “Hockey. It consumed me.”

Favorite school supply:

de Metz: “Crocodile briefcase — not a joke.”

Noelle: “Fun erasers.”

Novlan: “Notebooks. I would always cover them in doodles and stickers.”

Class clown or teacher’s pet?

de Metz: “Clown.”

Noelle: “Teacher’s pet.”

Novlan: “Class clown. Anything for a laugh.”

School portrait: Frame it, burn it or post it online?

de Metz: “These deserve to be posted online … maybe one day.”

Noelle: “Burn it. Or, look back and laugh.”

Novlan: “Framed at my parents’ house, at the scene of the crime.”

Detention: Rarely, regularly or never?

de Metz: “We didn’t have detention but had we, I would have needed to talk myself out of it fairly regularly.”

Noelle: “Never!”

Novlan: “Rarely. Again, anything for a laugh, but sometimes I’d take it too far.”

Study ahead or cram for a test?

de Metz: “Cram. I became almost too good at cramming.”

Noelle: “A+ procrastinator.”

Novlan: “I’d intend to study but then have to cram.”

Honor roll or just scraped by?

de Metz: “Honor roll.”

Noelle: “Honor roll.”

Novlan: “Honor roll, barely.”

Favorite movie about school:

de Metz: “Can’t Hardly Wait.”

Noelle: “The Breakfast Club.”

Novlan: “The TV series FREAKS AND GEEKS.”

Prom night: A bust or a blast?

de Metz: “Blast.”

Noelle: “A blast.”

Novlan: “Blast — but the principal had to set me up with a prom date.”

Reunion: Attend or skip it?

de Metz: “Definitely attend.”

Noelle: “Skip it.”

Novlan: “I skipped it, but I kinda regret it.”

Where is your diploma now?

de Metz: “Living room floor. I have to figure out where to put it.”

Noelle: “On my bookshelf.”

Novlan: “My parents would have to dig it out of a box.”

In high school, my dream career was …

de Metz: “Cross-industry mogul.”

Noelle: “To be a working actor — and here I am.”

Novlan: “I always thought I would keep working on my family’s farm.”