B&B Back With Original Episodes July 20!

B&B will begin airing original episode on July 20, and here is your must-have preview to the new episodes: 

On Monday, July 20, to get viewers up to speed on where the storylines left off, Katie fills in Carter about how Quinn sabotaged Brooke and Ridge’s reunion party; Zoe and Carter discuss her whirlwind romance with Thomas; and Zoe and Carter learn about Sally’s illness and what Wyatt and Flo did when they found out. 

On Tuesday, July 21, in an episode that was shot before the pandemic hit, Wyatt walks into the beach house and is dismayed by what he sees; Sally and Penny haul an unconscious Flo to Sally’s apartment and tie her to the radiator, where she comes to and is appalled by Sally’s actions; and Bill tells Katie he will accept any consequence from his actions, except losing Katie and their family. 

On Wednesday, July 22, in another episode that was filmed before the pandemic Penny and Flo are shocked by Sally’s pregnancy plan, and Steffy gets into a motorcycle accident. 

On Thursday, July 23, Bill is shocked when he realizes he hit Steffy with his car, calls 911, and she’s rushed to the hospital; Flo prays her secret message gets through to Wyatt; as Sally starts seducing Wyatt, he finally sees the message; and Tanner Novlan joins the cast as Steffy’s doctor, John “Finn” Finnegan.

On Friday, July 24, Wyatt demands Sally tell him where Flo is; a guilt-ridden Bill apologizes to Steffy and calls Ridge to let him know his daughter has been in an accident; and Brooke and Ridge rush to the hospital. 

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