B&B Alum Directs Music Video

Credit: Getty

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’s Ashlyn Pearce (ex-Aly) went behind the camera to direct her first music video. “ ‘Life in Rear View’ by Kara Connolly was just released, and I am really excited about it,” Pearce beams. “The song is very much about letting go, about a woman finding herself, finding her voice and being confident in herself — and it’s definitely relatable to both women and men.” Pearce and her crew shot the video in the Yermo desert of California. “I don’t think I fully anticipated how hard it would be to shoot in the desert,” she chuckles. “It was a lot of dust!” The actress/director adds that the music video also features a unique, real-life twist: “In it, this girl is finally ready to let go of from her past relationship and so she treks through the desert and ends up burning these items in a very spiritual way. It’s like she’s releasing them to the universe, and what’s cool about the items is that we actually asked fans of hers and mine to send us items that they wanted to let go of, and we’d include them in the video. It’s very ethereal and very empowering.” The video can be found on the actress’s new YouTube Channel by clicking here.

And, to read more about what Pearce has been up to since her B&B exit, check out an upcoming issue of Soap Opera Digest.


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