B&B 2021 Preview

“2021 will be a year of passion, love, revenge, family and gorgeous fashion, and the new year will bring more than one surprise your way!” enthuses Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell.

Liam/Hope/Steffy/Finn: “January kicks off 2021 with the answer to what’s on everyone’s mind: How long will it be before Hope finds out [about Liam and Steffy]? The core story arc is so profound that it carries through the year, affecting the Forresters, Logans and Spencers epically. When the moment arrives that Hope does learn the truth, expect what you might expect, but also expect the unexpected. As for Steffy and Finn? As chivalrous as Finn is, he is not a pushover. When the truth is revealed, his reaction will be surprising.”

Ridge/Brooke: “Brooke extends an olive branch to her stepson but has not forgotten Thomas’s obsession with Hope. We know that Thomas still harbors feelings for Hope. Will living in such proximity to her be a problem? Or will these two exes continue to bond after the truth of Liam and Steffy’s betrayal is revealed?”

Zoe/Carter/Zende/Paris: “Zoe and Paris navigate their relationship and we learn more of their backstory, while Carter and Zende define the boundaries of their friendship. Will Zoe and Carter make it down the aisle? Maybe and maybe not. But needless to say, there will be lots of unexpected detours along the way.”

Bill: “2021 sees ‘Dollar’ Bill deciding his romantic future. He engages the help of two unexpected people to try and convince the woman he loves that he’s the only man for her. Will it work? And who is Bill’s ultimate woman?”

Flo/Wyatt: “Sally left town and Flo hopes she is gone for good. When the opportunity arises for Flo to get payback, will she? Or will she follow Wyatt’s lead and let the past remain behind them? Expect some new faces in Los Angeles as this story unfolds.”

Eric/Quinn: “Eric proved to Quinn that as much as he loves her, he will not stand for any machinations against his family, especially Brooke. Once reunited, will their relationship be able to recover? Has Quinn learned her lesson? Or will she continue to meddle in the lives of others to get what she wants?”

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