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B&B Recaps Week of January 15, 2007

Friday, January 19, 2007
Donna griped at Nick about how the Forresters wronged her family. She then
lauded her boss for the man he is. “Now I see what made you so special to
Brooke,” Donna praised. Ridge showed up and taunted Donna for working with
Nick. “It’s nice to be reminded what your family is made of,” Donna hissed
and walked out. Ridge then returned the wedding present Nick gave Taylor
and warned that his downfall was imminent.

In their new office suite (which looked a lot like Massimo’s old digs) the
Forresters were fired up about launching their new fashion house. Donna
showed up and when Felicia tried to throw her out, Brooke announced that she
invited her sister to come. When the siblings were alone, Donna scolded
Brooke for sticking with the Forresters but she was unruffled. “Come work
with us,” Brooke smiled. Donna was taken aback by the job offer but reminded
her sister that she was under contract to Nick. Brooke invited Donna
backstage at their new showroom where they were about to announce the name
of their company to the press.

Nick and his minions watched the live broadcast of the Forrester press
conference, where Ridge unveiled the name of their new company: Forrester
Originals. Storm were aghast that Eric went against the terms of their
contract and used the Forrester name. “They can’t do that,” Jackie wailed.
Meanwhile, Ridge urged their clients not to confuse them with Nick and his
rags. Brooke then emerged on the runway in one of Eric’s new stunning
designs. Ridge climbed on stage, got down on bended knee and presented a
ring. “The best days are still ahead of us,” Ridge proposed and Brooke
happily accepted. Nick was crushed by the display and Clarke snapped off the
TV. “They made a big mistake,” Nick seethed and declared that he would buy
up all the distributors that would normally carry Eric’s fashions.

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