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B&B Recaps Week of Jan. 30, 2006

Friday, February 3, 2006
Bridget writhed in pain on the hospital bed, begging for the contractions to stop because it was too soon for her to give birth. She demanded that the doctor up the dosage to stop the contractions. Later, Nick struggled to calm her down. He compared what was happening to Bridget was like a tanker springing a leak and jokingly asked for duct tape. They were all happy to find out that the drugs were kicking in and the contractions stopped as Bridget stabilized.

Hector had a dream about coming home with Taylor after spending a day in a shelter. She thanked him for saving her from a marriage and a life that wasn’t working. She unbuttoned his shirt and they made out until the TV woke Hector up and eyed the phone.

Taylor cleaned up the bottle she had broke, and then tearfully gazed at old pictures of her with Ridge, before turning them over and weeping again. She smashed one photograph of Ridge, and kept drinking while she stared at Ridge’s photo. Hector called to check in on her again. She said she was going out to eat, which worried him because she had been steadily drinking. He offered to pick her up, but she said no and walked out of the house. He called her back, but she was already gone. As Taylor drove, she flashed back through moments in her past with Ridge. A car beeped its horn and she swerved on the road.

Meanwhile Ridge studied a picture of Brooke at his office. Thomas burst in and told him that Taylor was falling apart and that he needed to fix this situation. Thomas saw the picture: “What, you’re so damn in love with Brooke that no one else matters? No even mom?” Ridge then called Taylor to check on her, as she was driving. She told him that she wasn’t standing in his way so that he could be with Brooke. “It would’ve been better if I had never come back into your life,” she said, weeping more. Eyes on the road, Taylor. Of course the moment she looked down, after getting off the phone with Ridge, a truck’s horn blared and Taylor screamed.

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