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Back To School Wrap: B&B

Favorite Subject

Kanan: “I liked history and literature.”

Matsuda: “History.”

Tom: “Math and history.”

Least Favorite Subject

Kanan: “Metal shop. I was terrible at it.”

Matsuda: “English.”

Tom: “Biology.”

Favorite Extracurricular Activity

Kanan: “I started a martial arts club at my prep school, so I’d have to say that.”

Matsuda: “P.E.”

Tom: “In order to get my gym credit, I took tap.”

Favorite School Supply

Kanan: “I was always a big fan of the Trapper Keeper. I always started with the best of intentions to be organized, but that usually lasted about 10 days.”

Matsuda: “Nothing. I can’t even make one up. It was never a pen. It was never anything [laughs].”

Tom: “I loved shopping for school supplies. It was my favorite thing to do every year. I had all my pencils perfectly sharpened and I had my Trapper Keeper. My briefcase — yes, I carried a briefcase — had a daily planner, so it was the whole nine yards.”

Class Clown Or Teacher’s Pet?

Kanan: “Class clown.”

Matsuda: “Teacher’s pet.”

Tom: “Teacher’s pet.”

School Portrait: Frame It, Burn It, Or Post It Online?

Kanan: “It depends on the year. Anything after age 13, I would feel fairly comfortable posting it. Before that, it would be a burn.”

Matsuda: “None of the above.”

Tom: “Burn it!”

Detention: Rarely, Regularly Or Never?

Kanan: “More than one occasion but not frequently.”

Matsuda: “Always.”

Tom: “Never.”

Study Ahead Or Cram For A Test?

Kanan: “Study ahead. I actually was a decent student.”

Tom: “I have been known to cram for a test.”

Honor Roll Or Just Scraped By?

Kanan: “It’s a funny thing, when I decided I wanted to get on the honor roll, I got on the honor roll because I wanted to see if I could do it. But I definitely wasn’t going to be a mathematician, that’s for sure.”

Matsuda: “Barely scraped by.”

Tom: “Honor roll.”

Prom Night: A Bust Or A Blast?

Kanan: “I never went to my prom and years later, [wife] Michele found this thing held at the Sportsmen’s Lodge, a prom party. It was all ’80s music, and we never had a prom at boarding school. It was pretty great!”

Matsuda: “Neither. I did not go.”

Tom: “I did not go to my prom, but I threw a prom for all of my friends who also did not go to their proms. I was 21, and the theme was Over The Rainbow, and I do believe it was probably a lot more fun.”

Reunion: Attend It Or Skip It?

Kanan: “I haven’t gone to one yet.”

Matsuda: “Skip it.”

Tom: “Skip.”

Where Is Your Diploma Now?

Kanan: “I think it’s in storage. I know where my college diploma is.”

Matsuda: “I have no idea.”

Tom: “I have no idea. I have anxiety dreams sometimes that I didn’t actually graduate.”

In High School, My Dream Career Was:

Kanan: “I wanted to be an actor.”

Matsuda: “An actor.”

Tom: “I was doing it already.”