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Back To School DAYS

Student Council: Brandon Barash (Stefan), Elia Cantu (Jada) and Paul Telfer (Xander)

Favorite Subject

Barash: “Anything science-related and Spanish would be a tie.”

Cantu: “English.”

Telfer: “I loved English Literature and Drama.”

Least Favorite Subject

Barash: “We had this six-week elective track, and my least favorite was Chorus, which is kind of funny, because I sing now.”

Cantu: “Calculus, specifically. And I don’t think I’ve really used any calculus since I’ve been an adult.”

Telfer: “Math or as we call it in the UK, Maths. We put an ‘s’ on the end. I was terrible at it. I never had any confidence in it and refused to enjoy it.”

Favorite Extracurricular Activity

Barash: “Theater for sure. I would finish school and be in rehearsal until 10 o’clock every night.”

Cantu: “Sports. Track was my favorite.”

Telfer: “It would be toss-up between whatever sport I was into at the time or whatever the school play was.”

Favorite School Supply

Barash: “I loved getting a new box of pencils and the smell that you get when you first sharpen them.”

Cantu: “My binders with the pockets and fun dividers.”

Telfer: “I remember using fountain pens. So it was a big day when we finally got our Bic ballpoint pens.”

Class Clown Or Teacher’s Pet?

Barash: “Depending on the class, I was a little bit of both.”

Cantu: “I wasn’t the class clown. I was very studious.”

Telfer: “Class clown.”

School Portrait: Frame It, Burn It, Or Post It Online?

Barash: “My current avatar on Instagram is my first grade picture, so I guess post it online.”

Cantu: “Frame that baby.”

Telfer: “Burn it. I looked like a completely different person then.”

Detention: Rarely, Regularly Or Never?

Barash: “I only got detention when I was [late], because whoever was driving me to school was late. It made me very angry that I didn’t have control over it and I got detention.”

Cantu: “It happened, but it was rare.”

Telfer: “Rarely. It was only twice in my entire school career, but they were both pretty egregious, and I did end up getting expelled.”

Study Ahead Or Cram For A Test?

Barash: “Usually it was cramming. I’ve always been an under-the-gun kind of guy.”

Cantu: “I was a crammer.”

Telfer: “I used to do neither. I would just show up and try to charm my way through the test.”

Honor Roll Or Just Scraped By?

Barash: “Honor roll. I graduated magna cum laude in high school and cum laude in college.”

Cantu: “Honor roll.”

Telfer: “If we’re talking about high school, just scraped by. Once I got into what we call pre-college, then I started being more studious and ended up doing well.”

Prom Night: A Bust Or A Blast?

Barash: “An absolute blast.”

Cantu: “It was a blast. I was on student council and got to plan it. I loved Hollywood and acting, so I made it a red carpet theme for the pictures.”

Telfer: “We didn’t have prom when I was a kid. In fact, we just put one on, because we were inspired by American TV and movies. And it was a blast.”

Reunion: Attend It Or Skip It?

Barash: “Skip it. Leap over it. Fly over it.”

Cantu: “Skip it. Social media takes away that whole essence of what reunions used to be.”

Telfer: “Skip it.”

Where Is Your Diploma Now?

Barash: “I have no idea where my high school diploma is. My college diploma I have at home.”

Cantu: “It’s somewhere in storage.”

Telfer: “I’m going to assume it’s at my dad’s house. I haven’t seen it in a long time.”

In High School, My Dream Career Was:

Barash: “As of my sophomore year of high school, it was to be an actor.”

Cantu: “What I’m doing now, acting.”

Telfer: “Actor, so that worked out at least.”