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ATWT Recaps Week of January 15, 2007

Friday, January 19, 2007
Mike, saintly as he is these days, was snuggling on the couch with Katie, as
they awaited news on the Daniel search. She had just brought up the sore
subject of her crazed vendetta against Simon and Carly when Henry showed up
to report that the fugitives had left town. Katie was clearly disappointed
to learn that Carly’s prediction — that Simon would never leave her — had
come true, but she covered with Mike, who went off to comfort Jack. Katie
was left with old friend Henry, who pointed out that just because Mike had
sex with her, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s back.

Jack brought his kids home to pack their stuff so they could stay at the
farm for a few days because he has to work. Parker (who ran back home,
apparently) and J.J. got into another fight, while Sage wondered when they
could visit Mommy. Parker —clearly covering for his devastation with
brattiness — wanted to tell his confused sister “the truth” that mom wasn’t
coming back, while J.J. and Jack tried to comfort her. After J.J. took Sage
upstairs, Jack tried talking to Parker, who grumped that Jack must have
known Carly was going to leave, which is why he started adoption
proceedings. “My real dad’s dead and mom’s gone, so who do I belong to now?”
(He ought to compare notes with orphan J.J.) He then declared his hate for
Jack, who tried to get him to understand about adults not keeping promises
in an awesome scene. Mike overheard all this and provided a bit of manly
support in exchange for a beer. Like Margo, Mike guessed that Jack had
purposely let them go. Jack admitted as much, then confided that it’s all
his fault because he’s the one who walked out in the first place; he
wondered whether he and Carly made a mistake bringing kids into their
on-again, off-again relationship. He then took the kids to to Emma’s where
it was unusually messy and smelled like cigars. After calmly sending the
kids upstairs, Jack pulled his gun … and found his brother, Brad.

When Mike returned home to Katie, she was all tarted up in silk and ready to
start making babies again. “I’m sorry,” he said, “I can’t do this.”

Emily and Dusty stopped by Java after beating up Craig’s associate, Tull —
which Em didn’t think was such a good idea, since he might be able to help
them find Daniel. That’s when Daniel called from Susan’s house and asked for
a ride, as if nothing ever happened. At the same time, Dusty got a lead on
Johnny and Lucy’s whereabouts. Em arrived at Susan’s to find Daniel (acting
much more terrified than before) and Tull, who instantly grabbed her.
Sobbing, she begged him to let her give him her share of the paper to save
Daniel. She was signing the legal documents when Dusty ninja-d his way in,
tackled Tull and — after a bit of a struggle — stabbed him to death. Dallas
(hey Dallas!) was the cop to respond. Dusty agreed to answer all the
questions, but first he got a sobbing thanks from Emily and admitted that
his tip about Johnny was a dead end. After a last admiring look at the
mother and son, he left.

Gwen and Adam chatted about their current problems, including Tom’s health
and Carly’s flight from justice. They decided to distract themselves from
such misery by getting back to work. Actually, they went to Java, where Adam
tried to seductively plan their next trip to L.A. Will arrived and said he’d
like to go, too, but Adam had conveniently arranged the meeting for the day
when Will had a bunch of tests. Will took that news well, and urged them to
go anyway. Adam was so delighted that he flashed back to kissing Gwen. “Gwen
Munson, I’m going to make you a star!” he gushed. She was still skeptical,
but he’s a slick L.A. music producer, so he knows, and added that she’d
thank him in an acceptance speech one day. He also wanted to work on her
insecurity issues and her inability to accept compliments, which he
seductively proceeded to give her. “Adam’s trying to teach me to be less
humble,” she cheerfully told Will when he came back. “Good luck with that,”
Will smiled affably, announcing that he rearranged the big meeting, and now
they’re all going to Chicago to meet with the record exec. As they went
home, Adam was clearly disappointed by this turn of events, and Iris, who
had apparently been lurking nearby, was the only one who noticed. He told
her she was wrong and tried to leave. Iris wanted him to hang around to talk
about the “thing” he has for her daughter —and to give him her blessing.
She suggested they help the young Munsons along the break-up road. At home,
Gwen called Will her hero and assured him that he’s got nothing to worry
about regarding Adam.

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