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ATWT Recaps Week of Jan. 30, 2006

Friday, February 3, 2006
Having bailed on some lame party, Casey picked up about six DVDs of old movies and popped up a whole bowl of popcorn to await Maddie’s return home. Too bad for him that when she arrived, looking slow-motion hot, she was still on a date with Nate — and asked Casey to make himself scarce upstairs. After Casey toolishly (but sweetly) tried to make Maddie look childish and girly to Nate (all of which her date only found endearing), then tried to make Nate look like a two-timer to Maddie, he finally headed off to his pity party. Nate then shifted from Seth Cohen to super-suave in seconds and put the move on Maddie, who squirmed away from his kisses until Nate assured her that the “other woman” was actually his sister, for whom he performs many sweet big brotherly acts of kindness because he’s meant to be like the anti-Casey, who was busy trying to get Margo to intervene on Maddie’s supposedly sketchy new boyfriend inside. Margo didn’t bite (Nate’s a valedictorian, for goodness sake) and saw right through her son: he’s jealous. Casey’s last-ditch effort was to interrupt Maddie and Nate’s kissing outside by claiming that he had to take out the garbage. It looked like all his attempts to get under Maddie’s skin worked, though, because she had been fantasizing that she was kissing Casey instead of poor Nate. Still, she was annoyed with Casey for putting the kibosh (Kibosh? From a teenager?!) on her date.

It turns out that Luke hit a young lady with his car; Lily and Holden pulled up just as he was freaking out and trying to help her. They got her to the hospital, where Holden railed at his grounded son for lying and going out, and even accused him of getting drunk. Luke was swearing that he hadn’t been drinking, when Margo showed up to give him a breathalyzer test, which he promptly passed with flying colors. While waiting to learn the fate of the girl, the Snyders tried to have their heart-to-heart with Luke about what’s been bothering him. Once again, Holden and Luke danced around the same subject while Lily seemed several steps behind. Holden finally asked his son to verbalize what’s wrong. Luke was about to come out with it when they got word that his victim had woken up. In her room, the groggy girl hazily looked at the family, focusing on Lily. “You,” she smiled, making the Princess uncomfortable.

Lisa brought some flowers and tough love for Barbara, who tried to plead her Gwen-hating Casey and got a big dose of no-nonsense advice from her oldest friend. Lisa feels bad for Gwen and awesomely pointed out that Babs alienated one son and she’ll just drive Will further away unless she backs off. It was a nice gesture, but Barbara, not surprisingly, didn’t look like she’ll be changing her m.o. anytime soon. Gwen tried to talk Will out of robbing Barbara, noting that his mother was right: she’s a bad influence on him and he’s lost everything because of her. He insisted that she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him and reminded her that Barbara’s the reason Rose is dead (that name has been on everyone’s lips) and his life was almost ruined. After determining that Barbara must have threatened to every potential employer in town to keep them jobless and out of each other’s bed, Will finally convinced Gwen that his way was the only way, and off they went to start their thievin’ new lifestyle. (And though he wanted to go it alone, she insisted on standing by her man.) At Barbara’s suite, Will found her hidden cash and only seemed to take about half of it. They were almost out the door when Babs caught them and started in on Gwen again and immediately tried to call the cops, which sent Will into a bit of a rage. With both mother and son in zeal to reach the phone, the disaster was inevitable: Will shook her off of his arm, causing her to lose her balance and fall headfirst (hard!) into a table.

Paul was approaching a sobbing Jen when Dusty arrived with Johnny (hey there, kiddo!) and took immediate, somewhat heartless charge of the situation. He insisted that Jen shouldn’t blame herself for anything, and even wanted to destroy the letter. He listed the reasons for Jen to drop her guilt about Paul (while trying but failing to watch his language around the baby) before convincing her to leave the creepy penthouse to meet Barbara for dinner. “It feels almost like Paul’s still here,” she shuddered, telling Johnny he would have liked his uncle (as if he ever would have been allowed to see him) and saying good-bye. “Not good-bye, Jennifer. Not yet,” he said, coming out of the shadows to put on some sunglasses and a hat before leaving with his bag, which he suddenly had no trouble carrying with his dead arm.

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