ATWT Alums in New Short Film

Conn Peck square

Austin Peck (ex-Brad, ATWT et al) and wife, Terri Conn (ex-Katie, ATWT et al) have teamed up with former ONE LIFE TO LIVE Executive Producer Jennifer Pepperman for an award-winning short film, Jack & Diane, which briefly reunites a duo who had been involved years earlier. “In the age of social media, where you’re reconnecting with people from their past, I had an idea of, ‘What if you met that one that got away 20 years later in a bar? Would you still have all these same feelings? Would it be the same?’ ” explains Pepperman. “I just started writing and I sent it to Austin and Terri and they both loved it and said, ‘We gotta do this.’ “ Pepperman assembled a team to film on location in Brooklyn, NY. “We shot it  at a great bar on 3rd Avenue called Canal Bar and we only had the bar for a handful of hours and it was actually sort of a mad dash. It’s a good thing we’re soap opera people and know how to work really quickly! We actually shot the whole thing in only about four hours.” Of reconnecting with Peck and Conn, Pepperman raves, “I’m a fan of both of them, they’re both amazing, very talented, really giving actors and great to work with as a director. I needed the guy to be stunningly handsome and I needed the woman character to also be very beautiful but have an inner weight to her. I think one of the things that’s amazing about Terri is that she’s so pretty, but she has such a high degree of sensitivity and depth. She can do comedy, she can be funny, but she also has an inner soul that just gives a gravity to what she does. I also needed the two characters to have a lot of history together, which Austin and Terri clearly have.” The response to the film has been “really great,” enthuses Pepperman. “I’ve been surprised by how much people have really liked it, so that’s fun, as well.” Jack & Diane recently won an Award of Excellence in the IndieFEST. “It’s a really fantastic festival and we’re very excited about that,” says Pepperman. “We’re also playing in the Hoboken International Film Festival on June 4 at 4p.m. Austin and Terri will be there, so it would be a good opportunity for any fans of theirs who want to meet them and talk to them.” For ticket information please click, here.