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AS THE WORLD TURNS Alums Unite For Play Reading

ATWT alums Trent Dawson (ex-Henry), Jennifer Ferrin (ex-Jennifer), Roger Howarth (ex-Paul; Austin, GH) and Michael Park (ex-Jack) are set to participate in a play reading to benefit Dawson’s theater company, The Katonah Classic Stage, as part of the 19th Annual Daytime Stars And Strikes charity event in New York City. The reading will take place on Saturday, October 7 from 2-4 p.m. in the karaoke room at Frames, the bowling alley at Port Authority. Dawson, who founded Katonah Classic Stage in 2019, says, “The company is starting to really take off and thrive, but coming out of the pandemic and everything, we needed to do some fundraising. We’ve done a few readings in the past but this is our first one live since the pandemic. I got Michael Park and Roger Howarth to say yes — I didn’t have to much labor, they just jumped onboard! Michael and I are like those people that don’t see each other for a year or two and then you meet again and it’s like absolutely no time has passed. Roger is someone who I worked with at AS THE WORLD TURNS, but we didn’t have much of a personal relationship. There was no friction or anything, it was just like he did his thing and I did mine. But as it tuns out, his family lives pretty close to where I live now, and he started coming back to visit his family during breaks from GH and he reached out and said, ‘Let’s go for coffee.’ Now we have this whole friendship that has blossomed! It’s quite beautiful. He’s a really wonderful guy.” Ferrin was a later addition to the cast, when some behind-the-scenes issues forced Dawson to choose a different play, The Pavilion, for the reading — one that required a female role. “I was nervous about telling Michael and Roger, ‘Hey, we had to switch plays at the 11th hour,’ and it turns out, my nervousness was ill-placed. They were both like, ‘Sure, no problem, whatever you need.’ That’s the kind of guys they are. A few other people from AS THE WORLD TURNS are going to be there, as well, and I think we’re going to have a wonderful time!” To see the Oakdale expats in action, click here for tickets. For more on The Katonah Classic Stage, click here.