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AMC Recaps Week of January 15, 2007

Friday, January 19, 2007
At the police station, Jack consulted with Tad about the murder
investigation. Derek’s short temper gave Tad and Jack pause. Erica and Jeff
arrived and Erica demanded to be filled in on the quest to track down the
killer. She came down hard on Jack for not nabbing the killer yet, then
apologized for implying he wasn’t doing everything possible to keep her
daughters safe. Meanwhile, Tad pulled Jeff aside and expressed his
disappointment in Jeff for going after a married woman.

At the warehouse, Zach was disturbed by the portrait of Amelia that had been
changed to a painting of Kendall and ranted out loud to the killer.
Unbeknownst to Zach, someone was watching him on a security camera. Zach
came across a stack of love letters written to Amelia from a mystery man.
Zach wondered if Amelia’s suitor could be coming after him and the Fusion
women. Zach became fearful for Kendall’s safety when he determined that he
was locked inside the warehouse.

At Fusion, Kendall understood that the gardenias that had just been
delivered to her meant that she was the killer’s next target. Babe was
baffled, as the ribbon Jamie found on the Chandler grounds suggested that
she was next in line. The delivery redoubled Ryan’s desire to shut down
Fusion for the time being. Babe, Bianca and Kendall argued against the idea,
although Maggie and Josh were on Ryan’s side. Ryan told the group that Kenny
was back in town and a suspect. Lavery then tried to reach Zach but was
unsuccessful. Babe was moved by Josh’s faith in Zoe’s innocence. Ryan staged
a fake attack on Kendall on the rooftop to prove the point that she’s not
safe there. Unbeknownst to Kendall, the killer was spying on her…. Bianca
agreed to let Maggie stay and help out at Fusion.

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