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AMC Recaps Week of Jan. 30, 2006

Friday, February 3, 2006
Amanda reeled from Erica’s slap across her face. Derek tried to restrain Erica as she ranted at Amanda for having potentially ruined her reputation. Janet listened in from the tunnels as Erica accused Amanda of drugging her. Amanda insisted that she’s innocent even after Josh pulled the bottle of pills out of her purse. It then dawned on her that Josh was responsible for Erica’s poisoned tea, and she said as much. Her accusation didn’t hold much water with Derek when JR, Babe and Jamie revealed that she’d drugged Jamie months earlier. Janet began to quietly weep in the tunnels. Amanda defended herself, but it fell on a slew of deaf ears. When Jamie read on the bottle that the pills were Janet’s prescription, she continued to cover for her mom. Erica and Jack asked Amanda if she told Janet about the problems Amanda’s been having with Erica, but she still wouldn’t incriminate Janet. Josh smirked as the walls closed in on Mandy. Erica told Derek she was pressing full charges against Amanda, then departed to get ready for the ball…. Once alone with Babe, JR suggested that they need to stick together, since everyone else in town is nuts. She replied that she was going to the ball alone… Erica and Jack shared a romantic moment at their place before the ball. Josh showed up to pick up Erica and complimented her on her beauty. He assured La Kane that nobody else would hurt her.

Livia consulted with Jonathan and Lily about Jonathan’s decision to post bail. Jon explained that he and Lily have a dance to go to. Livia asked Lily about how Jack feels about her relationship with Jon. Lily confirmed he doesn’t approve. Liv told Jon that she’d try her best to get him out of jail, but warned him against going to the Mardi Gras ball. After Livia left, Lily assured Jon that attending the ball would be a safe bet, since they’d be wearing masks…. Amanda was thrown into a cell near Jon’s. Jon told Amanda that now that he’s seen her, he knows she’s not the one who’s been doing all the bad things around town…. Janet plotted her next move against Erica. “Girl, we are gonna have a ball,” she chuckled.

Zach and Kendall celebrated their decision to get married that night. Ryan interrupted their embrace. Zach asked him if he’d found what he was looking for in his office, so Ryan took the opportunity to apologize to Kendall for what went down at the hospital. Kendall then dropped the bomb to Ryan that she and Zach were planning to elope. After Ryan left, Zach asked for details about Ryan and Kendall’s confrontation at the hospital, but she wasn’t eager to discuss the matter. He pressed her, but Kendall wouldn’t budge.

At Wildwind, Marty warned Tad and Di that if Marty goes along with Ryan’s orders, Zach won’t take kindly to the double-cross. After they told Marty that he basically had no choice but to cooperate with Ryan, Marty left. Tad and Di took advantage of their one-on-one time to flirt. Ryan came over to explain to Di that he needs to expose Zach ASAP, given Kendall’s marital timeline. Di cautioned Ryan not to expect a thank-you from Kendall…. Tad left Wildwind before Ryan came over after getting word that his test results were in (from the test he’d ordered on the blood samples of Greg, Josh and Erica). He raced to the hospital and showed the results to Joe, warning him that what they indicated was a big-time shock. Joe was absolutely floored. Tad and Joe agreed that many, many lives would be affected by the data — most of all Erica. “How the hell do you tell someone something like this?” sighed Tad, not looking forward to having to break the news to Erica.

Simone visited Ethan at his office and tried to return her engagement ring, berating herself for having opened her big mouth to Kendall. He refused to let her beat herself up and they reconfirmed their love.

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