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Alphabet Soup: Scott Clifton

Adoption: Clifton and his wife have adopted several feline family members over the years, including the one who played Boo, the rescue cat Liam got for Hope in 2014.

Binge Watch: OUTLANDER is the series he’s currently devouring.

Camping Buddy: Clifton has gone on several camping trips with on-screen rival Matthew Atkinson (Thomas).

Dad: On Instagram, Clifton described his father, Ronald, as “who I always wanted to be as a child, and who I’ve slowly become as a man.”

EP: In 2004, he released an EP titled Untitled.

Ford: His son, born on May 6, 2016, was named after actor Harrison Ford.

Game Show: He has twice appeared on FAMILY FEUD.

Husband: He tied the knot with spouse Nikki on October 20, 2012.

Impressions: On GH, he got to show off his ability to impersonate Humphrey Bogart, Jack Nicholson and Simon Cowell.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood: Steffy’s portrayer was present when he first auditioned for B&B’s executive producer, Bradley Bell.

Knives: An avid outdoorsman, Clifton has a collection of hunting, fishing and  camping knives.

LOST: One of his all-time favorite TV shows.

Mist: The name of the pet wolf/dog hybrid he had growing up.

Nominated: He’s been up for a total of nine Daytime Emmys, and won three times (once as Younger Actor, once as Supporting Actor and once as Lead Actor).

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: From 2009-10, he appeared as Schuyler Joplin.

Pet Peeve: “There’s nothing more offensive to me than bad tippers,” he proclaimed to Digest in 2012.

Quartermaine: Clifton’s first daytime soap gig was as a member of this storied GH family, playing Dillon from 2003-07.

Real Estate: The actor purchased his California home from actor Adam Arkin.

Scotland: He calls this destination “my favorite place in the world.”

Twitter Bio: He describes himself on the app as “Actor, husband, dad, online troll, reluctant cat-person, thoughtful infidel, and loyal friend of the Oxford comma.”

Unemployed: Being out of work for a long stretch after leaving GH taught him an important lesson, he admitted on Digest’s podcast, Dishing With Digest, in 2019. “From that point on I really understood how lucky I was to have been in the position I was, to have had the steady job that I had. After that I never took soap operas for granted again.”

Vehicle: He drives a Toyota 4Runner.

Walter White: The name he dubbed one of his rescue cats, who bears the name of Bryan Cranston’s (ex-Doug, LOVING et al) BREAKING BAD character.

X Marks The Spot: A game he plays with Ford where he draws maps and sends his son on a treasure hunt.

Youthful Appearance:  The actor just turned 38, but reports, “Everyone thinks I’m still in my 20s. I guess that is a good thing!”

Zodiac: With his birthday on Halloween, Clifton’s Zodiac sign is Scorpio.