AFTER FOREVER Team Releases New Special

The producers of the multi-Emmy Award-winning series AFTER FOREVER, have released a documentary-style special RILEY’S UNFORGETTABLE SCHOOL PROJECT on Amazon Prime Video. This episode centers around the character Riley (Finn Douglas) who, while attending school remotely due to COVID-19, is tasked with creating a project about the most unforgettable person he’s ever met. Riley chooses Jason (Mitchell Anderson) and enlists friends and family, to share why they think Jason was so unforgettable. The series, which was remotely throughout the Fall of 2020, was released a few days after the December 27 death of Co-Creator/Writer Michael Slade from cancer. Co-creator Kevin Spirtas posted on Facebook, “Hi friends… In honor of our dearly departed Michael Slade, I am happy to announce as a special New Year’s treat… the release of AFTER FOREVER the series: Riley’s Unforgettable School Project, now FREE on Vimeo for a limited time.”  Producer/Director Allison Vanore said, “We knew we couldn’t film Season 3 as intended, with integrity, and we certainly didn’t want to put anyone at risk. In the meantime, we’re thrilled we could do something creative to keep our AFTER FOREVER family and fans engaged.” The producers plan to resume production on Season 3 once it’s safe to do so in late 2021. The special also features the debut of Finn Douglas’s song: “Forever There”, which he wrote and performed. Spirtas shared, “Michael [Slade] and I have always been a fan of Finn’s musical talents and Finn so embodies the character that we thought it would be great to give him an opportunity to write a song for the special. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the result.” Spirtas appears in the special, along with Mitchell Anderson, David Dean Bottrell, Erin Cherry, Anita Gillette, Cady Huffman and more. For additional information go to:

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