ABC To OLTL Actors: "Get Out!"

Kassie depaiva bergman

As OLTL wraps up its last week of production at ABC studios, the cast and crew gathered yesterday for a group photo and luncheon, where Executive Producer Frank Valentini presented a funny "Ultimate ONE LIFE TO LIVE Christmas reel", a compilation of material from years past. But the mood was somber as cast members who are not going to TOLN were told they'd have to pack up their things before the weekend. "Im here 4 my last tape day on OLTL for ABC. Last night we were told that we must remove all of our belongings from the dressing rooms," tweeted Hillary B. Smith (Nora). Kassie DePaiva (Blair) was especially emotional about taping her final scenes and saying good-bye. "I don't want it to end. I'm so here in the moment that I'm not even thinking about what we're going to be doing a month from now. We're not going to be shooting in this studio, I don't think, so I should be cleaning, but I'm not going to do it; it's too emotional for me," she says. "I've moved some stuff out, but I'll have Jimmy [DePaiva, ex-Max] come and back the car up to help move some boxes." Many cast members are scheduled to work Friday afternoon, the final day of taping, so several will be on set to say final good-byes to each other. "It's nice that way," says Kristen Alderson (Starr). "I just hope that I can get through it," adds DePaiva.