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2024 Preview: What's In Store On THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS!

Sharon Case, Trevor St. John; Mark Grossman copy

Howard Wise/

New Beginnings: Sharon (Sharon Chase) launches her company, Tucker’s (Trevor St. John, c.) plot puts Ashley at risk and Adam (Mark Grossman) makes a play for Sally.

Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith reveals what 2024 has in store for Genoa City.


Victor/Nikki: “Victor helps Nikki deal with the trauma of her vendetta with Jordan. Nikki struggles with her sobriety and will receive some unexpected support from some friends.”

Ashley/Tucker/Audra/Kyle: “The Abbotts band together to protect the family legacy as Tucker’s revenge plot poses a threat to Ashley’s well-being and forces Kyle to make a choice. Audra’s loyalty is tested when she’s forced to decide between Kyle and Tucker.”

Victoria/Cole/Claire: “Victoria and Cole navigate how to be parents to Claire and realize it may not be so easy to forgive and forget her past misdeeds.”

Adam/Sally/Nick: “Victoria’s leave of absence at Newman Enterprises forces Nick and Adam to put their differences aside and work together for the good of Newman Enterprises. Adam puts his best foot forward in the hopes of winning back Sally.”

Sharon: “We will see Sharon make some major decisions affecting her future as she launches her new company.”

Lily/Daniel/Heather: “Daniel finds himself spending more time with Heather during Lily’s absence.”

Christine/Danny/Phyllis: “Christine and Phyllis’s rivalry heats up thanks to Danny.”

Devon/Abby/Nate: “Devon and Nate agree to let go of the past in the New Year and start a new chapter at Chancellor-Winters but is this easier said than done? Meanwhile, Abby finds herself fighting for a seat at the table at Chancellor-Winters.”

Billy/Chelsea/Adam: “Billy and Adam support Chelsea when she finds herself challenged as a parent.”