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10 Secrets About Anthony Turpel

"The Bold and the Beautiful" Set

Credit: JPI

  1. I am the king of video games. You don’t want to know how many hours I play, and I love the Uncharted series.
  2. I really like Bob Ross. I don’t paint but he is very calming. He’s got the voice of an angel. He’s on Netflix, so I watch him all the time.
  3. I get a lot of comments about my deep voice, which I call “the Turpel sound”. Every male in my family has it. I just woke up one day and sounded like a 30-year-old. I’m starting to do some voice-over work because of it.
  4. I chose my monologue from Field of Dreams, which got me my agent, because back in the fifth grade, I performed in a competition in front of the entire school and won.
  5. If you want to see a 13-year-old me explaining how to use a Max Steel Interactive Steel & Turbo Sword, look it up on YouTube. It’s highly embarrassing — and it has close to 2.5 million views!
  6. I’ve got a lot of friends from Nickelo-deon and a lot of friends from the Disney Channel who are actors and animators and writers. It’s a cool crowd.
  7. I love McDonald’s. I try to be as healthy as possible and I think I’m the only person who orders the salad at McDonald’s — but their dressing is really good!
  8. Studying for my driving test is taking me forever. I always knew I was a procrastinator but I never knew I was this much of a procrastinator.
  9. I’m a huge RICK AND MORTY fan. It is so good but you’ve got to watch them in order because there’s actually a story arc behind all of it.
  10. I’ve never told anyone this before, and I probably shouldn’t be telling you, but I’m writing a book. It’s fiction, and it’s a real passion project.