Yes, Sire, That's My Baby

It Takes Two: Rick/Blake/Ross

In 1996, jealous Blake spied Ross kissing ex-flame Amanda. Furious, she found Rick, got drunk and ended up in bed with him. Soon after, she learned she was pregnant with twins who had been fathered by two different men: Ross and Rick! Blake manipulated the results to show that Ross had fathered both babies, but accidentally made it seem as though the twins were identical. Annie slipped the truth to Rick, who was present — along with Ross — when Kevin and Jason Marler were born at the Bauer cabin. The next year, Annie blackmailed Blake with her schemes, forcing her to bug Ross’s phone to get secret information about Reva’s long-lost sister. Blake was plagued by guilt when Annie posed as Reva’s sib. She decided to come clean with Ross, but before that could happen, Blake was in a car accident. Rick had to perform an emergency operation on Kevin and wound up confessing the truth about the boy’s parentage to Ross. Soon after, Rick sued for custody of Kevin. Ross’s brother Ben revealed that Annie had fixed the tests: It turned out that both boys were fathered by Ross, after all!Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: Jim/Beth/Phillip

In 1999, just after Beth and Jim got engaged, the helicopter carrying them and Phillip to the Spaulding construction site in San Cristobel crashed, stranding the trio on a snowy mountain. Jim went off in search of help. Beth and Phillip made a tape for their daughter, Lizzie, and ended up having sex. They decided to keep what happened a secret after they were rescued. That January, Beth discovered she was pregnant. Phillip refused to leave Harley to remarry her, but he became worried about Beth’s state of mind, so he agreed to keep the baby’s paternity a secret when Beth wed Jim. The truth eventually came out when Lizzie was diagnosed with leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant from Beth’s unborn baby. Jim refused to risk the life of his child, so Phillip dropped the bomb to Jim. Soon after, baby James was born, and Lizzie recovered. Jim and Beth began to heal their relationship, but only months later, Jim tragically died on Christmas after rescuing Beth and James when their tree caught on fire.Memory Wane: Michelle/Danny

Michelle started dating Tony when she had amnesia. She visited Danny at a construction site to tell him about her engagement to his cousin. Danny gave his blessing, but the site collapsed and they were trapped. After coming to, Michelle’s memory returned, and she and Danny made love. She later admitted to Rick that she was torn between Tony and Danny. Tony spotted Michelle and Danny kissing; he begged her to elope. Michelle realized she couldn’t go through with it. At Laurel Falls, Michelle admitted to Tony that she still loved Danny. During a heated confrontation, Tony fell off a cliff and died. Afterward, Michelle left for Africa. When she returned to town, she was pregnant and unsure of the father’s identity. She hid from Danny and his new girlfriend, Marina. Edmund helped her and plotted to steal her baby for Cassie. When Michelle got into a car accident, Edmund delivered the baby — then kidnapped the infant. In the hospital, Danny learned that she had been pregnant. Marina investigated the matter, and eventually, Cassie’s baby, Hope, was brought to the hospital for DNA testing. Danny was revealed to be the father, and eventually, he and Michelle reunited.

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