Test Subject

Soap Opera Digest: Who killed David Hamilton in 1978?

York: David Hasselhoff [ex-Snapper, Y&R].Digest: Nope. Laura.

York: You may want to doublecheck that.

Digest: Uh, okay, John. Moving on. Who originated the role of Helena Cassadine?
York: Tony Geary [Luke].

Digest: Close. Elizabeth Taylor. Next question. Which Port Charles resident is actually an Aztec princess?

York: That would be [San Francisco Giant] Barry Bonds.

Digest: Felicia.

York: Who?Digest: Duly noted. In 1994, who donated her heart to save Maxie’s life?

York: That would have to be Helena, because she’s the only character on the show who has no heart.Digest: Good point, but it was actually B.J. Next up, who was the first actor from GH to win an Emmy?

York: John Beradino [ex-Steve].Digest: Peter Hansen [ex-Lee] won an Emmy as Outstanding Supporting Actor in 1979.

York: A great actor! I loved watching his work. That was when I started watching [GH]. I loved those Lee and Scotty scenes.Digest: Us, too. Which STAR TREK actor appeared on GH: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy or James Doohan?
York: Leonard Nimoy.Digest: Correct. He played a pill-pusher named Bernie in 1963.

York: Really? I just guessed [laughs]!Digest: Who got married wearing a red wedding dress?

York: Tony Geary. Actually, that would be Tiffany. Even I know that.Digest: It was Lucy.

York: Oh.Digest: What was Ned’s rock ‘n’ roll alter ego?

York: It wasn’t Wally Kurth [Ned]. Shakey And The Spandex?Digest: Uh….
York: No, it was Willy Wyoming.Digest: Eddie Maine.
York: Wrong state.Digest: Last question. Who created GENERAL HOSPITAL?

York: Tony Geary.Digest: Frank and Doris Hursley.
York: Correct!Score: 1 out of 9. Too bad we didn’t ask something where the answer really was Tony Geary. Thanks for playing, John.