Maura West Answers Your Questions

With a job, marriage and three kids, are you really organized?

K.W., Boulder, Colo.
I fly by the waist of my pants (laughs). I have no idea what’s coming next. It makes life very exciting. My house is like the circus. I don’t over-schedule my children. I hate that. They’re free to be kids and have fun. You wouldn’t believe how much my kids love each other. I have never seen children who genuinely care about each other and are as overtly loving with each other as my kids are. I’m astounded by it. They’re beautiful to each other. It’s not all the time — they pinch each other and give noogies — but in general they’re just extraordinary.

Do you like playing Carly and Lily’s friendship scenes with Martha Byrne (Lily)?
Patsy, Chicago
I’m having a ball. I love working with Michael Park (Jack), but I love working with women. So I get to work with Martha or Kelley Hensley (Emily) and I just love it.

What would you script next for Jack and Carly?
Marie C., Topeka, Kan.
A breakup. It’s always much more exciting to want to be together than to be together. The fight to be together is just more interesting to play. Maybe Carly gets amnesia and she doesn’t remember anything but Craig.