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It won't be long before Digest's annual Best & Worst issue hits the stands, and the lucky duo we've named Best Couple of 2010 will be revealed! To whet your appetite, here's a look back at the romances we've given top honors.2009: Olivia and Natalia, GUIDING LIGHT

2008: Robin and Patrick, GENERAL HOSPITAL

2007: NONE (ouch!)

2006: Sami and Lucas, DAYS OF OUR LIVES

2005: Gus and Harley, GUIDING LIGHT

2004: Victor and Nikki, YOUNG AND RESTLESS

2003: Sonny and Carly, GENERAL HOSPITAL

2002: Jack and Carly, AS THE WORLD TURNS

2001: Jack and Phyllis, YOUNG AND RESTLESS

2000: Sonny and Carly, GENERAL HOSPITAL

1999: Victor and Nikki, YOUNG AND RESTLESS

1998: Phillip and Harley, GUIDING LIGHT
1997: Jake and Vicky, ANOTHER WORLD

1996: Nick and Sharon, YOUNG AND RESTLESS

1995: Noah and Julia, ALL MY CHILDREN

1994: Buzz and Nadine, GUIDING LIGHT

1993: Bo and Billie, DAYS OF OUR LIVES

1992: Mallet and Harley, GUIDING LIGHT

1991: Dean and Jenna, ANOTHER WORLD

1990: Megan and Jake, ONE LIFE TO LIVE

1989: Robert and Katherine, GENERAL HOSPITAL

1988: Richard and Maggie, FALCON CREST

1987: Cruz and Eden, SANTA BARBARA

1986: Cruz and Eden, SANTA BARBARA

1985: Robert and Holly, GENERAL HOSPITAL; Kyle and Reva, GUIDING LIGHT

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