Kyle Lowder: Artful Dodger

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’s Kyle Lowder (Rick) got the chance to perform the national anthem at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium on Tuesday, Sept. 23. He chatted with Weekly before heading out to the field.

Soap Opera Weekly: How did the opportunity to sing the National Anthem come about?
Kyle Lowder: I did it two or three months ago — or actually, three or four months ago. It was very flattering. So they just called back and were like, “We want you to do it again.” The Dodgers are in first place right now and the stadium is being filled because of that. They only have three home games left this season, so the fact that they asked me back to do it was really great.

Weekly: They say “The Star Spangled Banner” is a really difficult song to sing.
Lowder: Well, yeah. I don’t want to say it’s not. It definitely tests your range from low to high, but I’ve done it before. I’m not nervous; I get really just excited about doing it.

Weekly: So it doesn’t freak you out to be in front of all those people?
Lowder: It’s funny — it’s easier to sing in a stadium of 60,000 than in a intimate room, because you’re up there; you’re far away from everybody. You’re on this huge, grand stage; you have a mic. You know it’s very grandiose and kind of big. Whereas it’s very difficult to sit in a little intimate setting with 10 people and deliver yourself there. This kind of thing does not make me nervous; it’s a lot of fun [for me].

Weekly: Well, it’s a treat for any soap viewers in the stands. I wish I could be there!
Lowder: It’s going to be fun. Again, I’m really happy they called me back.

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