Getting To Know Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy, B&B)

Soap Opera Digest: How would you sum up your B&B experience so far?

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood: I’m in shock still because I’m enjoying it here so much. It’s been crazy, but I love every moment of it. I sit back every day and think, “You’re living in L.A. and working. You’re so lucky!”

Digest: How did your B&B job come about?

MacInnes Wood: I’m from Canada and I was living in Toronto when I booked a Disney pilot a few months prior, so that got me an agent in L.A. The pilot didn’t go, but I moved here, unpacked and I was here less than a week when I went to B&B.

Digest: That must’ve been a little daunting for you?

MacInnes Wood: Oh, it was! I didn’t even know my way around yet when I drove over to CBS. It was insane. Plus, I didn’t know I was going to read for Taylor’s daughter.

Digest: Had you watched B&B before?

MacInnes Wood: Oh, yeah. Everybody at my school knew Ridge, Taylor Brooke and Stephanie.

Digest: So, the audition must’ve went well?

MacInnes Wood: I thought I did a solid job and it was my first audition ever in L.A., so I didn’t think I would ever get a callback. But when I drove home, they called and said they wanted to see me the next day to meet with [Executive Producer/Head Writer] Brad Bell. I went and there were other people in his office this time when I did the audition again. Then I heard I got the part. They said they didn’t even want to do a screen test, but the network wanted a screen test, so that’s when I met Texas [Battle, Marcus] for the first time. I finally got the part, then it was a chore getting my visa [sighs].

Digest: Wow. Talk about beginner’s luck!

MacInnes Wood: I know. It still shocks me completely. I can’t even explain it. I’m at a loss for words. I don’t think I’m going to get used to this for a while. I’m so, so lucky.Digest: You look like Taylor’s daughter, too.

MacInnes Wood: I do get that a lot. It’s funny, when I would watch Taylor on B&B, I would think, “I kinda look like her.” It’s weird when you can see it yourself. When someone tells you, “You look like that person,” you usually go, “No, I don’t see it.” But with Hunter Tylo [Taylor], I definitely see it. Hunter even looks at me and says, “This is so crazy.” Some of the other actors even say, ‘You talk like Hunter,’ and ‘You walk like Hunter.’ It’s so surreal.

Digest: How do you like your other co-stars?

MacInnes Wood: Oh, my gosh, they are great! I used to watch them and now I’m working with them. And they treat me like family. I know I can go to them for anything. I can knock on a dressing room door or call them up and say, “I need help with this,” or “I need your advice.” They are so great about answering my questions about the history of the show. Ronn Moss [Ridge] is so funny and cool. John McCook [Eric] is awesome, too. Texas Battle is already my best friend here.

Digest: What kind of fan reaction have you been getting?

MacInnes Wood: I actually read the message boards. I love the bloggers. Love them! Good, bad or indifferent, they’re the ones who are really helping me out. I know a lot of actors don’t read them, but I have thick skin and I can handle it. The bloggers have been there a long time and they really know the show. They help me out with learning about my character. So definitely the bloggers have been a big help.

Digest: Are you living on your own here?

MacInnes Wood: Yes, I am. I came here with just the money in my pocket and didn’t know anyone here, but I’m having the time of my life. I’m so happy that I get to do something that I enjoy doing.