Family Matters

Nick is out for blood now that he caught Victor playing kissyface with his wife, Sharon. What’s next for the Newmans?
“The events that have happened to the family are monumental, and it’s only going to get bigger,” promises Joshua Morrow, who plays Nick. “Nick has a bad temper and doesn’t think things through. He acts on impulse. It’s going to get really interesting and nasty. It’s a dream storyline.”

“Between Jack (Smith, co-executive producer/co-executive producer), Kathy (Foster, producer) and Shaughnee (David Shaughnessy, executive producer), our fearless leaders are doing their jobs,” praises Morrow. “It’s given me a new lease on life since Kathy took over and then Jack came back. Those two events have turned this show around. The writing has been awesome. I really enjoy coming to work right now.”What does Morrow do to unwind after a long day’s work? Chase his son, Cooper, around the house!He is “definitely mobile, which is a whole new level,” laughs Morrow of his little boy, who’s almost 9 months old. “He’s getting into everything. He’s a funny kid. It’s been cool to watch him grow up and learn that if he pulls on the CDs, they all fall down.”
Sort of like a house of cards — or the house of Newman.